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Pahlaj Nihalani: Holier Than Thou?

Pahlaj Nihalani, Chief of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), has been the talk of the town ever since he decided on cutting short a kissing scene in the recently released James Bond movie –Spectre. He was strongly condemned on both social and traditional media. Owing to the...

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Have The Canons Deafened Our Hearts?

In conversation with Dhruv Sachdeva… The Viewspaper got talking to Dhruv Sachdeva, founder of ‘Humour Me’, a premium content generator in the Branded Entertainment space. Dhruv has been on quite a journey, he started his acting career with the role of ‘Scar’ in the musical ‘Circle of Life’- adaptation...

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#BiharElections: The Last Lap!

As November 8th draws closer, the heat and buzz around the Bihar Assembly elections is on the rise. Political circles are abuzz with what’s being touted as one of the most crucial State elections of all time! The power tussle between the contending parties, the larger than life campaigns,...

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Rajya Sabha: The Coveted Trophy

As the Bihar Mahabharata nears its final, nail-biting conclusion and we find ourselves swamped by the wall to wall media coverage, clarity is the need of the hour. As caustic sloganeering and shrill newsroom debates reach a fever pitch, objectivity takes a backseat. Amid the cacophony, how does one...

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beef ban

#BeefBan: Holy Cow, Unholy Politics!

That cow slaughter is reason enough for man slaughter is not only appalling but also grossly archaic and ridiculous. The indoctrination and growing intolerance of the people is nothing but a manifestation of carefully crafted hate politics by the so-called religious leaders to fulfill their personal and political agendas.

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5 Upcoming Indian Authors To Watch Out For

There are two kinds of people, those who study and the other who read. The former is literate, the other is wise. Books are the carriers of civilization, a device to ignite imagination; without books, history would make no sense, literature would be silent, science would be crippled and...

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6 Directors Who Took Bollywood To A New Level

For the past 100 years or so, the glittery world of Indian cinema has left us completely besotted. Ever since the silver screen lit up back in 1913, we Indians haven’t stopped raving about it! It’s been our pride and prized possession. Generation after generation, year after year,...

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The End Of A Cricket Blockbuster

The nation gasped in a collective sigh, as Sehwag announced his retirement from Internationalcricket and IPL last evening.It came as a rude shock exactly 5 days after Zaheer Khan also announced his retirement from international cricket. Both instrumental pillars of the Indian cricket team, these men have inspired...

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Breast Cancer: Against All Odds

1 out of 30 women in urban India is likely to develop breast cancer. Shocking isn’t it? We do not realize how bad it can be unless we lose someone we know to this horrible disease. Breast cancer is now the most common cancer in most cities in India,...

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Virtual Romance: Of Love, Likes and Swipes

Swipe right if ‘yes’, swipe left if ‘no’. Apparently that’s how easy it is to find the love of your life these days. Matches aren’t made in heaven anymore, they’re made in binary codes. Your heart doesn’t need to find love , GPS will do it for you....

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Single Parents: Dads Who Do It All!

A father is one who helps raise a child, not only make one. Similarly, a mother’s job does not end at giving birth, for parenthood requires love, not just DNA. Parenting is a lifetime job. It does not come with a retirement or expiration date. Bringing a child into...

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A Day In The Life Of A Human Robot

As I drove to work this morning, battling traffic and office deadlines alike, I happened to glance around at the serpentine line of cars around me. Every single person was in a race against time. As I stared at the funny juxtaposition of their crisply ironed shirts to their...

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Sword Mightier Than the Pen? Or Not.

What do Ashok Vajpayee, Nayantara Sahgal, Sarah Joseph, Uday Prakash and Rahman Abbas have in common? They are all literary heavyweights and recipients of the prestigious Sahitya Akademi award. They have also been hailed as the torchbearers of India’s literary renaissance. However, there is one more thing in...

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Error 404: Equality Not Found!      

It seems like Uttar Pradesh is fast becoming controversy’s favorite child. Just days after the lynching of an elderly Muslim man, over rumors of cow slaughter, this time the folks of UP are back in the news for stripping and dragging two lower caste women for reasons unknown...

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Twin Peaks: 25 Years Of TV’s Cult Classic!

In 1990, came out a show that redefined prime-time television viewing in the US. With its iconic dialogue: “She’s dead. Wrapped in plastic.”, mystery-thriller Twin Peaks traced the investigation of the murder of a teenage girl in the (fictional) quiet and peaceful hilly town of Twin Peaks on the...

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Lynching & Religion: The Irony!

The mindless people, who were involved in the lynching in Dadri in western Uttar Pradesh of a person on the mere basis of a rumour, would argue that they did it “for their religion”. In recent times, anybody doing something “for their religion” is almost impossible to stop or...

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Boy v/s Girl: The Social Construction of Gender

Gender has various socio-cultural influences. Gender is not innate or determined by our genes. Instead gender is something that is constructed and reconstructed time and again due to human interaction and social life. Our chromosomes determine our sex. XX is female and XY is male. However, gender and sex...

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#BiharPolls: What Will Clinch the Deal?

With the campaigning for the Bihar Assembly polls heating up, all those involved in the election process- whether politicians, pollsters or the electorate- are placing their bets on what they think will be the deciding factor in these crucial elections. You, the reader, may have your own viewpoint on...

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#IndvsSA: A SWOT Analysis Of #TeamIndia

A mouth-watering contest is about to begin in a couple of days’ time. As South Africa arrive in India for their longest tour ever (in terms of days spent), it’s time we analyze whether the tagline for this series of Indian cricket “Mushkil Hai, Mazaa Aayega” (Star Sports India)...

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#RaGaPhirBhaga: Think Rahul, Think!

Every politician needs time to contemplate, rethink, analyze and plan- be it his/her strategies, plans or at times even ideology. But, Congress’ heir-apparent has been doing this for far too long now and more often than not. Agreed that his party is going through its worst phase and is...

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Why Lyricism Isn’t Dead In Hindi Music

To be an enthusiast or even have a healthy interest in lyricists like Gulzar, Javed Akhtar and Piyush Misra is like entering a metaphysical world packed with metaphors that are unparalleled. Sampooran Singh Kalra also known as Gulzar has a knack of painting detailed and dramatic pictures with his...

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Modi’s Digital India: What Is It All About?

Digital isn’t the word you’d often associate or put alongside India. We’re more familiar with using words like “traditional India”, “cultural India”, or “ancient India”, etc. India had its first brush with “information technology” and “digital” in the 80s under Rajiv Gandhi’s leadership and then in the early 90s....

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Is The Congress Trying To Be More Like The BJP?

In politics, everywhere, perceptions matter. Politics in India is no exception. Perceptions about political parties in India are created by either the leader/s of the party (Gandhiji’s or Nehru’s charisma determined the perceptions about the Indian National Congress during the freedom struggle and in the 1950s-60s, respectively), the slogans...

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When Social Media Goes Outside The Usual Gender Spectrum

According to an entry on the official Pinterest blog, “Pinterest is all about helping people discover and save creative ideas. And everyone—lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, ally, straight—is included in that mission … So if descriptors like “male” or “female” don’t quite work for you, you now have an...

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36-24-36: Debunking The Social Construct Of Beauty

Recently, there have been a number of celebrities including Megan Trainor and Jennifer Lawrence supporting the cause of body positivity. But it is often seen that in the attempt to acknowledge the fact that you can be beautiful while being overweight, people tend to shame those who are rather...

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Reservations: To Be Or Not To Be?

The debate on reservations in India is never ending. The latest chapter is the riots that have been triggered in Ahmedabad with the Patel community demanding an OBC status. Several killed, hundreds injured. This again brings into question the necessity and relevance of reservations.

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College Degrees: Reasonably Overrated?

According to the Wall Street journal- “India Graduates Millions, But Too Few Are Fit to Hire”. Our education system may be a very controversial and expansive topic, however as of now, a debate on the legitimacy of college degrees has been arising. What are college degrees anyway? They are...

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Jasleen Kaur Case: To Arrest Or Not To Arrest?

For the past one week, news and social media both have been swamped with the recent case of ‘eve-teasing’. The case went viral when the girl, Jasleen Kaur posted a picture of Sarvjeet Singh on Facebook along with his bike number accusing him of making obscene remarks and vulgar...

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Condoms: For Men And Women Alike

This is the 21st century. We are all aware and active. Culturally, socially, politically and most importantly, sexually. Sex has been a taboo, it might still be, but youngsters today do not hesitate in talking about sex, nor do they hesitate in indulging in sexual activities. Sex is good,...

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Movies And Trains: Of Landscapes, Journeys And Stories

The romance between trains and films has being going on since time immemorial. The lives of the characters are intricately weaved around trains and the railway platforms. Several lives are lived, various phases are experienced, love blossoms, hatred thrives and the train becomes an internal character itself. In...

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Modi’s Visit To Abu Dhabi: Why Is It Historic?

Addressing the world at the Madison Square Garden, exploring 12 countries in just under 29 days; Modi has without doubt come to be the Thomas Cook of Indian Legislation. Since the inception of his part-time touring career, Narendra Modi has grown intoa “PM of firsts”- first Prime Minister to...

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Bloggers In Bangladesh: The New Infidels

Blogging is the most recent way which writers, desperate to get their work and thoughts out, have used. Whether it is writing flowery creative pieces, ‘how-to’ tutorials or opinionated posts, bloggers post anything to everything. However, this year in Bangladesh, blogging has taken a rather bloody turn.

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Just Another Day: India’s 69th Independence Day

As I has just turned the Cambridge dictionary to learn the inherent meaning of “independence”, one thing caught my attention- the dictionary says, apart from the political aspect of independence i.e. a country being free from the governance of another country, the word has another aspect that is predominantly...

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