This Is How Your Prime Minister Insulted You

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have seen his first major gaff in his foreign travels, as the hashtag #ModiInsultsIndia trends in response to a speech he delivered to the Non Residential Indian (NRI) community in Shanghai. “Earlier, you felt ashamed of being born Indian. Now you feel proud to...

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Maggi: Tasty Yes, But Not So Healthy

The mouth-watering aroma of our favorite go-to snack, however, is under the threat of being banned in India. The Lucknow Food Safety and Drug Administration has written to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), urging the board to cancel Maggi’s license.

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‘Don’t Stop’ Chaiya Chaiya

We all remember having danced to Shah Rukh Khan’s chhaiya chhaiya as kids, don’t we? It’s time we danced to that tune once again, with a bit of twist, though. A mash-up of Michael Jackson’s Don’t Stop and Chaiyya Chaiyya, the song from Dil Se that featured the actor dancing on a train with...

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When Money Speaks Louder Than Judiciary

Unsurprising as it may be, this judgment comes in the wake of Salman Khan’s bail and the suspension of his conviction that held him guilty of culpable homicide in the 2002 hit-and-run case. Both the cases and the pattern in which the verdicts have been delivered underline the bias...

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Four More Temblors Shake Nepal

As per the initial reports, approximately 32 people have lost their lives in Nepal while over 1000 people have been injured. The earthquakes that took place today were shallow, that is, 10km deep. Shallow earthquakes are far more dangerous pertaining to the high amount of energy released over a...

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Because, The Will To Help Is All You Need

The “Play For A Cause” event that took place at the Striker Pub and kitchen in Delhi, yesterday, saw different artists from India and Nepal came together to raise funds and awareness for the recent catastrophe that claimed innumerable lives and destroyed the countless homes. A concept by Parikrama’s...

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AB de Villiers Does It Again And How!

So, the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai witnessed yet another groundbreaking record being set in its lap. Proving to the entire world that he is the best batsmen that there is at present, South Africa’s AB de Villiers conjured up a smashing 133 (a score the remains unbeaten) off 59...

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Please Watch Piku, As Many Times You Want!

Bhaskor is as opinionated, suspicious whimsical and yet cute, as any annoying but loving granddad would be. As usual Amitabh Bachchan’s comic timing is amazing, his inconsistent but adorable Bangla-Hindi accent crackle with drollness, and his body language is just perfect.

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The Bad Men Of Bollywood

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been found guilty of killing a homeless man in a 2002 hit-and-run after a night out drinking. He has been convicted of culpable homicide not amounting to murder. “All charges against you have been proven,” announced Judge DW Deshpande. “You were driving the car, without a...

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Why Salman Khan Is Truly Dabangg!

On asking him, his caste, Salman’s lawyer replied that the actor was “Indian.” Caught off guard, the judge asked the actor his caste again, and in return, she got a rather heroic reply from him. In his quintessential style, the Dabangg actor said that he was both “Muslim and...

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Why Science And Indian Ministers Don’t Get Along

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that put Nepal in shambles, Sakshi Maharaj, the genius, came up with a theory that no scientist could have ever imagined. While talking to reporters in Haridwar, he said, “Rahul Gandhi eats beef, and goes to the holy shrine (Kedarnath) without purifying...

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The Saga Of The Social Media Bigots

My journey as a new media writer has been fairly short. It has, nevertheless, been one that has sufficiently burst my bubble of living in a rational society. The kind of flak my views get me is appalling, to say the very least. On a number of occasions, I have...

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‘Queen’ To Reprise The ‘Tragedy Queen’

Earlier this month, news broke out that Kangana Ranaut would indeed be playing Meena Kumari in the biopic, Meenabakamaal, being directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia. The shooting of the film, which is an adaptation of Vinod Mehta’s book – Meena Kumari: The Classic Biography, is said to begin sometime in...

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We watch the world go to sleep. We walk through the night, on our ‘boulevard of broken dreams.’ Assess our wrongs. Re-assess their’s. We lose our sleep.   I am one of them. One of you, insomniacs.   Lets not call it insomnia. We are creative people. We love the...

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Whore by the Ganges

The wind by the Ganges Carried the smell of fresh catch As he panted beside her.   The little mouth quivering Tasting the aftermath of a storm, A mere lullaby, an everyday norm.   Her expert hands casually Placed on his skin Where it caught fire in the breeze....

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A stain

Of long hours of laughter, Of “sore labour’s bath,” Blackish, brownish and golden. Discussions, arguments, A celebrating companion. Partners in crime and a witness- This stain.   Balm of hangovers, A blemish that resides as royalty on my white shirt- mind and heart. A reminder of that spilled espresso....

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I Voted For Net Neutrality, Did You?

Net neutrality, in simple terms, means a principle by which all the ISPs treat all content, websites and services, equally and without any discrimination what-so-ever. This means that a telecom company like Airtel cannot grant users faster connections to any one site over the other. Internet users pay their...

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A World of Jests

  Infinitely it stretches, above me as I lie, Oh I lie, for the world is a silent illusion. I lie – at a distance. Observing their patterns. I lie to asunder myself from derision. They knit a web so complex, often lose a finger in it’s knit. They...

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Buzzwording Hate: A Staple of the New Right

These are blanketterms that can really be applied to anybody who opposes particular aspects of this government and its ideologies. Those who had a problem with the word “secular” being removed from the Preamble were called ‘sickular’, as were those who opposed Ghar Vapsi.

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What ifs

What if I fall on the highway, crushed under a car superspeedrushed? What if, some random day I take a bus to nowhere , and run away? What if I apparate in Ithaca Lesbos, Houyhnhnms Hogsmeade Ozma’s Oz? What if horses were green, and elephants blue And all of...

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The Solitary Cause

I pursue a solitary cause, sleep does not walk my road, it has eluded me like everything I once called my own. My soul stands firm in that day, scornfully staring at me as it finds itself stuck in a fray. But I feel nothing for I am numb,...

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How Capitalism Teaches Women To Hate Themselves

From their very birth, women are fed with the notion that they aren’t good enough through seemingly innocuous messages. These messages come from the family, a sexist education system, religion as well as the larger political discourse. What acts as a woman’s first folly or limitation, is her womanhood...

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