‘Autumn…’ time for Readers!

Joining the league of ‘a guy meets girl…they live happily ever after’ stories, Autumn in my Heart is the second attempt at a novel by Saptrishi Basu. Confusions in Love seem to be his forte and he once again manages to express the dilemmas well. The lead characters Ayantika and Deb get acquainted through Orkut (A Social Network once upon a time :P) and fall in love. The cupid paves way for another Love Story borne out of online friendship and it further leads to perplexities due to Ayantika’s family and Deb’s workplace.

While the characters in the story are very well etched-out, the situations they’re put-in, are not! Though the story doesn’t bring anything new for the regular reader of this genre, the course of events hold on to you. The biggest let down from this Times group Publication is the editing. Silly grammatical errors can be seen flickering around that spoils the reader’s flow.

The story reflects how expectation make life difficult all the way and how getting out of them helps you make the right choice. The author’s take on Social Networking Sites, and how they may end-up moulding your Life upside down, is quite interesting to read. The book takes a spiritual turn towards the end where the author tries to explain how adopting the enlightened path helps you set aside the innumerable questions that keep popping in your head.

Overall, Autumn in my Heart is a good attempt by Saptarshi Basu after Love Logic and God’s Algorithm and surely deserves a 3/5 from us!

About the Author: Saptarshi Basu, a Gold Medalist in Mechanical Engineering, has been in IT industry for last 7 years and has worked for top 3 IT companies of India. However, writing has always been first love, his passion. Love, Logic and the God’s Algorithm had been his debut novel. His second Novel, AUTUMN IN MY HEART published by Vitasta Publishing along with Times of India will be launched in November.

Garima Obrah