‘Modern’ Love?

Emotional Atyachaar. What is it about this show that makes it so popular, even though each episode follows almost the same pattern which gets boringly repetitive after a while? (If you are not familiar with the concept of the show, here is the Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emotional_Atyachar)

Perhaps it is the sadistic pleasure of seeing other people experience heartbreak and pain which in turn makes us, the viewers, appreciate our lives a wee bit more. Or perhaps it is the fact that we all love a good ‘masaledar’ story featuring romance, betrayal, and a fiery eventual confrontation involving plenty of shouting and bad language.

Or maybe, if you are like me, you like watching the show just to have a bit of a laugh at the kind of people who appear on it. I mean no offense to anybody but seriously, what amount of sheer insecurity or insatiable need for attention could provoke someone to make a mockery out of themselves and their relationships on national television. This, along with how most episodes seem to unfold almost identically, makes me doubt the genuineness of the show but I’ll give them the benefit of doubt and accept for a moment that all the heartbreak and tears and sting operations are actually true, which leaves me wondering: – why do young people cheat on their partners?

We’re in the twenty first century and open relationships and casual dating are perfectly acceptable today, even in our ‘conservative’ Indian society, then why do people commit to one person only to go and hook-up with several others in secret, eventually hurting everyone involved and forming a vicious cycle of breaking one heart after another? If you wish to have multiple relationships at the same time, why not have the courage to be frank about it and avoid the mess of ‘getting caught’ and hurting someone who loves you?

The show has unveiled an equal number of male and female cheaters so the trend is definitely not gender-specific. What’s more disturbing is how most cheaters have no regrets about their acts. What kind of extreme indifference allows someone to play around with multiple people’s emotions and lives?

I feel that it’s a sick way of finding an ego boost and feeling somewhat powerful and superior. Are you so weak inside that you can’t even be honest to someone who places all their love and trust in you?

I do know that in real life, there are plenty of loyal young people around, but television is supposed to be a reflection of the times we live in, and they definitely don’t seem too good from the huge popularity that reality shows have gained. Emotional Atyachar is now in its third season and I hate to think that if its content is indeed true, how many lying, cheating, lowly young people are actually out there, just waiting to be caught on camera, mouthing and displaying a vulgarity that is definitely not synonymous to the oft-abused term, ‘modernity’?

Love, is it? I definitely don’t think so.

Mehak Siddiqui

Mehak Siddiqui is a psychology graduate and freelance writer who has written for several local and international magazines. She is an avid reader and loves to blog at www.sempiscribbles.blogspot.com.