“ A Study in Scarlet: Sherlock Holmes ’’

Sherlock Holmes is a piece of mind of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who had brilliantly portrayed this character, which seems just like a real character.


Arthur was born on May 22, 1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His childhood was full of struggles and his father was dipsomaniac. In his early days itself, Arthur was sent to England to study for seven years, where he developed his art of story telling.


It is interesting to note that in his young age, he was ladies man, boasting about being in love with five women at once. Nevertheless, a year later, he obtained his Bachelors of Medicine and Masters of Surgery degree. On this occasion, he drew a humorous sketch of himself receiving his diploma, with the caption: “Licensed to kill.”


Sir Arthur had been in the Indian Army of the English East India Company and had lived in India for a long time, so the readers can observe many Indian words in the novel.


In his lifetime, Arthur had written four novels and fifty-six stories, but for what he is still remembered is because of his works on the character of Sherlock Holmes.


Sherlock Holmes is a character who is a master at observation, logic, deduction, and diagnosis. Holmes used addictive drugs, including morphine and cocaine in a seven-percent solution—sometimes habitually—especially when he lacked stimulating cases.


The people who come to know about him for the first time often think of him to be either acting too dumb, or being too smart; and in reality, he was neither of them. He had great a sense of working on his instinct, which you can say is really uncommon to a common man.


In one of his stories, Conan led to the death of Holmes, but readers throughout the world were so attached to this character, that they demanded the rebirth of Holmes at such an extraordinary scale, that the author had to revive Sherlock Holmes with his series of “Return of Sherlock Holmes”.


In the present novel, which is the first work by Arthur on Holmes, he has been described as an omniscient type of detective who is very weird in his actions to interpret those things. No person, I mean no one, can reach such a mental state of thinking. He had great logic behind every reason he quotes.


It looks like a simple murder, but its relation to a melancholic love story in the sands of North America 20 years back, made the minds of the readers drift to an exciting situation. Our detective, on his trail, tries to unfold each and every mystery at different stages, which makes the readers swing with amusement. No doubt, at some parts, things look humbug, but overall, it’s a good book to read.
Readers will enjoy this book because this not just any detective kind of novel, but it really holds substance that will keep one gripped to it.. A murder related to a murder in the past, love story and revenge; Sherlock Holmes is the headlines of the story. So do not miss it!


Apurva Singhi

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