“ United we stand, Divided we fall”

Of late, Bon voyage to Australia also embraces “be watchful and come back safe”. The news and media have made heads turn in the direction of Australia for its callous acts also depicting a fearful atmosphere for those who already live there.
Racial attacks were always imposed on Indian students but the number has seen a great rise these days and thanks to our media that bestowed extravagant footage of the crimes stirring in the land of kangaroos.
Mugging, racial abuse, murder, physical torture etc are included in what is known as “curry bashing”… the Australian police have received almost 500 cases of battering on Indian students in the last six months, reports a newspaper, though many cases go unreported.
Sravan Kumar was stabbed in the head at a birthday party without any provocation on 24th may.
Rahul was hit by a group of bullies for no apparent reason followed by indecent verbal torture while he was resting at home.
25th may witnessed stabbing and robbery of a 25 year old man, Baljinder Singh.
21 year old Sourabh Sharma was assaulted in a train by a group of criminals for a matter of cigarettes.
Cab drivers in Australia have been reporting assaults on them from the men who hire their cabs.
In April last year, 23 year old Jalvinder Singh was stabbed four times in the chest.

The list grows longer with every passing day, the statistics creating an alarming awareness and a fearful awareness in the public.

The ambiguous intentions of the assaults have tapped every possible explanation for the same, posing the question “why only Indians?”

These attacks have put the students in big dilemma regarding their career, studies, families, motherland and friends. Federation of Indian Students of Australia (FISA) Advisor Goutam Gupta said “There have been at least 60 to 70 incidents of serious nature. According to police records at least three cases of crime against Indian students are registered on a daily basis… The mood in general is fear, anger, hopelessness and of confusion. The biggest confusion is to stay back or go home, sit for exam or not, stay in the hospital or not, support their friend or not, tell their families or not.”

It is evident from the crimes that Indians are treated as “soft targets”. India is a country with the pride of materializing non violent ways of protest. It is rather depressing that the esteemed possession of every Indian, his ethics, the cultural standards and the ideals of goodwill, that dwell deep down in every Indian are mistaken for weak points and frailty. It is a disgrace to the entire civilization. They are also besieged by the apathetic, cold attitude of police say the reports.

Aspirations of vibrant careers and excellent education abroad are being crushed by the attacks. Molests have overshadowed the nation’s high educational standards and enhanced professional preferences. Australian institutions are chosen over Indian institutes for the array of subjects, improved lab facilities and enhanced career alternatives offered by them which are believed to be advanced than Indian universities. If the government of India considered higher education of the youth as a prime priority, the number of students falling prey to the racist fanatics surely would have seen a downfall.

Inflation, employment collapses, recession and escalating population have undoubtedly abridged the jobs for the young. Far more competition and heat is experienced than their previous generation, igniting insecurity and anxiety in young aspirers. This timidity emerges in the form of bashings, mugging and mutiny on the students who embezzle their employment and careers.

The fact that many conflicts are outcomes of “fun” without firm motives is an exceptionally serious concern as it takes an entire life for granted and increases the indignity of humankind by million folds.

It is not only Australia that is witnessing racial attacks and biased mind-set towards Indian students but also other countries in the west for the same reasons though not much light is thrown upon them.

It turns out to be the responsibility of every Indian citizen to stand up for the abused than soliciting government to take measures. It is the occasion the world witnessed the vibrant phases of India. High time to show the world “united we stand”. ..With the second highest population and incredible human power it is an ignominy to endure the grievance thrown at us. Our silent protests and concord can work wonders against the brutal assails. After all silence is not a mark of weakness but an indication of maturity and harmony and a sign of our ethnicity.

Samhitha Raj

[Image courtesy: http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/2009/6/78e1ae34-b1d2-43da-a2fc-db3d7f362d4dHiRes.JPG]