“God is Dead” by Ron Currie Jr.

“God is dead” (2008) is Ron Currie’s debut novel; however, Glimmer Train, The Sun, Other voices and Night Train are his famous prize-winning works of fiction. Shortlisted for the Fish International Short Story Award and Swink magazine’s Emerging Writer Award, Currie seems to warrant us some more amazing literature of his expertise.

The book exposes an interesting and surprising insight of a soon-to-be godless future. The writing is very original and very imaginative selling us 200 pages of thrill and a captivating trial of an absolutely fresh story. The book divides the story in nine neat sections each beginning with a ‘difficult to decipher’ quote narrating different tales in each one of them yet connected to each other; as the chaotic and dangerous implication of God’s death.

God has come to earth to experience his own making first hand, adopting a human form, a form of a young wounded Dinka woman named Sora, wandering in the Sudanese desert. Creator overpowered by his creation, frail and hopeless, Sora succumbs revealing her true identity only upon her death. Immediately and frantically, the world changes. Panic storm and mass suicide covers the world like thick layer of black clouds. Super horror creates super lunatics and the world goes bizarre with absolutely no calculations and positivity. Snippets of scenes from the book are like: Sora collapses under the inhuman reign of the Janjaweed; Collin Powell’s hip-hop accent; distressed, disoriented and in desperate need to worship, people turn their children into objects of worship; teenagers find rescue in a suicide plan by shooting each other’s brain out by rounds of fire; a hopeless priest chooses to embrace the end losing all faith in living any further; an intriguing story of the only surviving feral dog which fed on God’s corpse; insensible war between armies in fight over fate versus free will; obsession of teenagers with text messaging; a wasted alcoholic son shielding himself in unconsciousness to what is going on around the world; a brother facing the reality yet motivated by his murderer brother’s crimes; more war and blood.

In this piece of work, Ron Currie unfolds every tragedy that engulfs the world and its contents upon God’s painful demise and what becomes of Him later.

God is dead is indeed a provocative and terrifying read topped with a thoughtful, smart and subtle satire that promises its readers to be glued. It is quite evident that this packed punch of a fresh cocktail of ideas has come from a mind that can foresee the world’s face some years later considering the current scenario.

To me, the book seemed to contain an inspiring way of expression with a visionary inclination. Somewhere, it was aimed to sound an alarm in the reader’s mind forcing him/her to imagine what possibly awaits us in near future. A poignant yet amusing piece of fiction that you will cherish you picked up from the bookstore; pinches you to act now, draw line to the dependency on your own creations before they eat you. It has a simple message, “Take control…before God is dead”.

Karnika Palwa

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