“It wasn’t me!” says Pakistan

From ‘non-state actors’ and ‘stateless actors’, to the latest quote where Pakistan President, Asif Ali Zardari made it clear that ‘no Pakistani involved in terror attacks shall be handed over to India’, it reaffirms that Pakistan is still in denial mode. It is indeed tragic that Pakistan refuses to accept the bare cold facts that stare it in the face. Pakistan’s National Security advisor has himself admitted that they do not have any proof to rule out that Kasab is a citizen of Pakistan.


The transcript recorded between the terrorists in rustic Punjabi, along with the irrefutable evidence that Kasab belongs to Faridkot, in Pakistan’s Punjab Province, leave Pakistan in a very embarrassing position indeed. Kasab’s father has admitted to the Pakistan media that Kasab is his son. The Voice over Interpol Protocol calls between the terrorists and their LeT chiefs clearly indicate the chilling precision with which the entire attack has been carried out. What further evidence Asif Ali Zardari is waiting for, one cannot say.


Perhaps Mr. Zardari does not wish to face reality. Instead, Pakistan seems to be getting itself into war frenzy, which is hardly the realistic manner of handling such a delicate situation. In a sign of mounting tension, Pakistan has cancelled army leave and shifted some troops from its western border with Afghanistan to the eastern border with India. Zardari keeps reiterating the point that in case of a face off between the two countries, there’s would only be ‘reaction’ to India’s actions. Zardari’s futile attempts to brandish war and aggression in India’s face are only leading to its own humiliation.


The refusal of Pakistan to send the suspects of the terror attacks to India is adding to the frustration. True, that in the absence of the extradition treaty between India and Pakistan, there is little we can do, but it is exasperating, as the latter’s behaviour is like an adamant child, who, in order to avoid guilt and implications, is resorting to petty tactics of complete defiance and aggressiveness. For a country which is reeling under its own problems of massive inflation and a deflating economy on the verge of a breakdown, a slightly more mature and cooperative stance is expected and advisable.


However, according to the US laws, since there have been American casualties in the terror attacks as well; the FBI is bound to probe into the Mumbai attacks. We can hope that they shall lay before Pakistan, hard evidence in the open, for all to see. Pakistan, in such a case, shall have nothing much to say but to agree to hand over the suspects. The need therefore, is for India to make the US its strongest and closest ally and to keep pressing the issue and our demands unyieldingly. The last thing we need, as is obvious from the present circumstances, is for the United States to wash its hands over the whole issue.


The US on the one hand, which is in support of the Palestinian massacre, is advising India to exercise ‘restraint’ while contemplating a pre-emptive strike against Pakistani militant camps. While it chooses to ignore the massive destruction of innocent civilian lives in Palestine, it ironically seems to have certain sympathies towards the Pakistani terrorists. It would do well for the US to end this selfish policy of hypocrisy and take a stand.


Smita Rajmohan


[Image source:http://mespeaks.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/zardari.jpg]