Mile Sur Mera Tumhaara…

“Mile sur mera tumharaa, to sur bane hamaraa….
Sur kee nadhiyaan,
Har disha se behkee saagar mein milee,
Baadalon ka roop leiker,
Barse halke halke

Mile sur mera tumharaa too sur bane hamaara..”

Two nights back, at about 3 am in the morning, this song beamed on my television and I could not help but watch it for the next four minutes even though my eyes were burning. The next sixty minutes I just kept remembering that song and how it impacts me every single time I watch it.

Every part of the poem is so meaningful yet distinct from where I see. What truly is remarkable that even though we have been a civilisation for over a three thousand years, as a young united country in the middle of the technologically backward eighties we could envision such a grand idea shot at such grand an intensity.

The songs asks us all to look beyond the boundaries set by man for ourselves and respect each other irrespective caste, creed, sex, religion and language. The tone of the song reminds us of the melodic dynasty that we have inherited and brings along a fragrance of unity.

The amalgamation of the various different languages coming together on board a common platform and airing the common message of unity is a landmark effort to unite a country blessed with diversity rarely found anywhere. It is really a gem of a work done to bring about national integrity.

It asks us to all to tune our thought process in such a fashion so as to bring about harmony in our thoughts as a whole community. The lyrics serenely make a point that only when we come together that our thoughts can turn into actions and form a revolution and thus take the country further ahead. The most striking part of the lyrics is this phrase-

“Baadalon ka roop leiker,
Barse halke halke

The aim of this video is truly ingrained in this part of the lyrics where the channel aired it repeatedly and successfully built a deep-rooted value of unity.

In an age where we are quick to switch loyalties and where our belief systems lie in instant gratification, we need to realise the value of our independence. I shudder at the very idea to be transported back to the ages when we were under British rule. The stifling environment in which our freedom fighters fought through to achieve the life we are currently enjoying must be respected with complete gratitude.

At this point we need not confuse westernization with our loyalties to our nation. We need to keep up with the times and if need be we will have to change to the tunes of the world. What we need to keep in mind is the deep rooted values that we have taken us so far should not be altered. Integrity is what we have gained from these values and integrity is what we take with us as legacy. The strongest legacy that I have received from my country is that of unity and respect for diversity.

Our politics, which is completely populist in nature, needs to be revived where every politician to garner votes comes shamelessly in front of equally irresponsible set of journalists, who airs the view as something of a national importance, to show their unsettling solidarity with the people of their region and ask for a separate state based on frivolous ideas.

Regional politics is not something we need to pursue considering that the fragmentation that it leads us to. Considering that consequences are no coincidence, politics of the region should be stopped now or else it can take a Titanic proportion in terms of consequences where we would not be able to handle our political system. If we fall prey to manifestations of such politics we are doomed to the ideologies which could scar our bright future.

Politics is not something which is completely populist but is more about doing things the right way. In times such as these, where the world is completely broken due to distrust in each other, differences steaming from misleading ideologies and indifference towards ideas of solidarity, politics should not be of divisive nature. We as a nation should unite in such times of crisis so as to set an example to the world and help build it as it should be, healing the wounds and weaving through the diversity as we go ahead.

This song is a unique example of how we can build unity. I think it should be part of the syllabus for children of this generation across India of how to respect what we have in our country. The same need to be imposed on the politicians of the previous generation with a liberal dosage, who are still sitting prettily in the various administrative positions so as not to practice politics which is scrupulous in nature.

Our country is the silent, quiet and frequently unacknowledged centre of our lives and we must respect this unspoken role that she has played with consistent continuity. As a citizen of the world we need to live our lives with as much sincerity and dedication, to go on to become an ambassador of peace, goodwill, harmony and compassion, and trying to do full justice to the opportunities that life and our country has given us. It begins with our duty to preserve what we have and achieve what we long to, so that we can be part of the nation building process.

Sayan S. Das

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