“Voice of the Youth” – A Scam that moved Mountains

The core of the 2G scam is that DMK’s A Raja, the then Communications Minister, gave spectrum and mobile licences at very low prices in 2008 in return for other considerations. A company that he allegedly favoured – Swan Telecom – has been accused of routing Rs 214 crore via various other companies to Kalaignar TV, which is 60 percent owned by Karunanidhi’s wife Dayalu Ammal, and 20 per cent each by Kanimozhi and Sharath Kumar.

But Kani was the silent partner as per advocate Ram Jethmalani. In that case, it’s her mother who played the part but CBI did not charge-sheet the majority owner of Kalaignar TV on the assumption that she had no clue about the running of the company. Amidst the CBI’s misleading arguments, do you think the case would really reach the right Verdict?

“the chargesheet has been manipulated by people at the centre. now that the results of the TN elections are out and DMK has lost, there are chances that Congress will get out of the alliance and lets the @G scam case take its right course.”

– Shikhar Mohan

“Raja mafia king of economic terrorist, now tell the tax payers how much you have given to each party and others. What is Govt is going to do? are you going to recover all the money from Raja & others who involved directlt or indirectly? Is there any rule in India to recover the money or only to put him under bar to make the nation and it’s citizen a fools???????????????”

– Biju Malayil George

“The roots are very deep inside. The moment you thought now the primary verdict got caught, the very next moment hundreds of other threads get onto light. It is a HUGE scam like others and definitely it is not possible for a single or a bunch of people to do it without the support of superiors or i can say the supreme commander. I am not blaming anyone but surely some water is flowing under the bridge, which is yet to figured out.. Now what we can do is just to wait and read new headlines on this or stand out to raise our voice to show them-“now it is time you assholes to stop all this as we, the people of this nation, are again back into action…..”

– Priya Sondawale

“There is no point voicing there opinion. Every now and then a new scam comes into picture, and the one that happened a day before moves from the Page1 to Page 3 and then behind the curtains.. What happened to the CWG thing.. You would see the next CWG in some years but until then the CWG trial in India would go on and on and on.. Every time congress comes to power, all you see is scams.. Not that BJP or some other parties aren’t involved but the result of all these scams eventually pinches the common man.. If the money from Raja or companies could be recovered, it would offset the hikes required for petrol, diesel and cooking gas for the next so many yrs to come.. ! but that’s not the way government wants to think or act..”

– Kunal Maheshwari

“This is the way indian constitution runs…. Poor gets poorer day by day and these people in the name of big shots! adopt illegal money worth hundreds of crores….. Can u just imagine in the one side people are struggling just to make 2 meals a day and on the other side these people cheat and loot money amounting to hundreds of crores, oh god i think the loot is enough to feed more than ten generations of their family…… I am damn sure india will never become developed nation until corruption is completely sweeped off!….”

– Mohammed Sameeruddeen

“Green(political) revolution shd happen n all the WEEDS hampering d growth n progress shd mercilessly thrown out!!”

– Gayathri Alladi

“Mr.Ram Jethmalani ..you are the true enemy of India .
¦Defense of Indira Gandhi’s killers
¦Harshad Mehta’s defense in stock market scam
¦Ketan Parekh’s defense in stock market scam
¦Underworld don Haji Mastan
¦Defended death sentence of Afzal Guru
¦L K Advani’s defense in Hawala Scam
¦Manu Sharma’s defense in Jessica Lall murder case
¦Amit Shah’s (Gujarat’s former Minister of State for Home) defense in ¦Sohrabuddin fake encounter case.
¦Amit Jogi’s defence (son of Ajit Jogi) in the case of Ramavatar Jaggi murder case.
¦ NOWKanimozhi’s defense in Spectrum 2G case……..PLZ GO FOR KASHAB CASE ALSO……”

– Kunal Mallick

“There s no use in just debating. . . Words should be transformed into actions. . . And this is where india lacks. . And thats the reason why india is still not growing and all those who have committed mistakes are still living a life of dignity including ajmal kasab. . . . JAAGO INDIA JAAGO. . . . .”

– Vignesh Bhatt

“2G scam is a drop from the sea of corruption by politicians.Every politicians are corrupt so scam revealed are much less than those hidden only imprisoning A Raja is not only solution .So being an Indian we can read these news or unite until strict rules are made.”

– Arjun Singh

“This is totally, a mockery of our democracy. First, someone commits a scam to such a great extent and then the CBI, makes a mess of the proceedings. I get the feeling somewhere, that the CBI too is puppet in the hands of the powerful.”

– Mohammed Naseeruddeen

Image Source: [http://www.zeenews.com/Img/2011/5/6/Araja-Kanimozhi-060511-ra2.jpg]