“Voice of the Youth” – Commenting (in?)appropriately?

Ambani’s swank residence – the world’s first billion-dollar home – has of course drawn reams of (mostly gushing) media attention. Criticism of its over-the-top opulence has so far come only from commentators like Ramachandra Guha and filmmakers like Prakash Jha. For someone of Tata’s stature to point to the lifestyle of one of India’s richest industrialists as reflecting the larger social inequity is striking.

Does Ratan Tata’s commenting in Mukesh Ambani’s luxurious 27-storeyed mansion in Mumbai to Damian Whitworth of The Times of London in an interview come as a shock to you?

“AMBANI has it, let him FLAUNT….people need home for shelter,whatever the make it is…so STOP complaining if u cant make one.”

– Chinmay Samal

“surprising a person of the stature of Ratan N. Tata, someone who commands so much respect in the country and someone known to keep to himself and not mingle with anyone else matters, certainly not personal matters has gone on record to make such a strong statement…”

– Siddharth Acharya

“it wud be better to take critisism as FEEDBACK…..”

– Kumar Keshav Jha

“it all depends on how u want to spend ur money….Mallya spends it by bringing back the “Sword of Tipu Sultan” and “Gandhijis belongings” back home from auction…..Tata spends it by building the “Tata memorial hospital” for good treatment of his fellow countrymen and M Ambani spends it by building a $1bn house for himself….”

– Arindam Deb

“Well yes
I never thought a men of such statute would comment
But let’s face it he did comment and I don’t think this is a very big deal”

– Nagaraj Prince

“they hav it they are spending it their way…

but this copuld have been spended for the growth of country where this huge amount of money could have done alot good to many of the starving poors…!!

ohh.. god give them an idea of how to spend on welfares of others rather then making such a big villa for small faimly, if it would have been provided to poors about 50 families would have got a residence in it…!!

ohh.. poor…!! :(“

– Desh Deep Singh

“Ratan tata say what an indian want to say about ambani’s billion dolar house”

– Abhinav Singh

“Corporate social respönsibility has no concern with their personal status,standardization of living.wt we percieve is nt alwz authentic.reality may be backed by concrete ….”

– Ajaz Charag

“A billion dollar house in Indian soil…stl India a developin country.,all money r treasured by our politicians or rich industrialists…whn we can hear our country s developed..a food fr thought..”

– Girija Prasad Mohanty

“I dont say anyone good or bad bt would like to know from Mr. Tata that if he really care for the nation than why there is 2G scam involving his company? why dint he play fair game in 2G allocton”

– Manoj Dey