“Voice of the Youth” – Countering Communal Violence!

The country appears to have moved on from the after-affects of the Gujrat Riots horrific days. There’s been peace in the tribal hinterland for some time now. And the extremist fringes of all communal outfits seem to have lost their venom. Given this context, the draft of the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, 2011, put up by the National Advisory Council (NAC) for consideration, may appear out of step with the times. Do you think the bill would be effective in curbing violence and restoring communal peace?

“Who knows what the future holds…??
It definitely will..”

– Shivani Raghuvanshi

“its strang tat u evry1 still remember about wat happend in gujarat riots…bt no1 wants to talk abt godhara…n kasmiri pandits…”

– Rajshekhar Nayak

“its absolutely true brother. They people are coming and killing 100s of hindus, no body is worried abt that. It never feels like we are in “Hindustan”

– Manish Tiwari

“if sumone thinks that the tribal and communal outfits are silent bcoz of the bill , then they are mistaken as if it had been for the bill our nation would be terror free,corruption free. ….. . “

– Arjit Gupta

“anti-hinduism is secularism, according to our congress government”

– Pradep Thangaraj

“Corruption hav been d daily wages of d bench warmers. D country sud b free frm such violence n d govt sud b practical in dis matter widout religious thought.”

– Prasant Thapa

“its matr is just like a story every one knw story of two cat n one monkey who fight for one big bread and in that mater monkey say that no fight pls i wil help u.n u all knw that in the and whole bread eat monkey n as like that our politic leader like monkey but it eats people and its money no one give justice.”

– Aniket Patel