“Voice of the Youth” – Deflating the Prices!!

Inflationary pressures have no predictability or a certain direction. But the Reserve Bank of India are trying to achieve higher growth and bring down inflation to acceptable level. Do you think they would be successful? How do you think inflation can be curbed?

“Inflation can’t b curbed in a day!!!!!!!!! it needs raiding d houses of politicians n other high class ppl who r hiding behind some politicians…”

– Punarva Barthwal

“I just dont understand, why the list of swiss bank account holding politician’s list not yet published in general.”

– Ankur Prajapat

“oly proper payment of tax nd proper usage nd investment of people’s money could help dis out… If my words hav happened, den d word inflation couldn’t hav reached bbc or ndtv’s doors to our home! I feel tat an uneducated nd age old man, who is not evn fit for a basic postion in indian govt job, could do dis! Bt they wer d CM nd PM of d nation… Let educated rule… Surely der’ll be a change! 49o could do this!!!!!!”

– Madhav Maran Tamizh

“RBI is more concernd abt the monetary policy bt on the other hand govt. has to take some fiscal measures also lyk increasing the supply in the market, this will balance the both side demand n supply in the market, only sucking money will demoralise the invester n the consumer….so govt. has to think abt the fiscal policy…”

– Jaipratap Mishra

“although monetory policy of RBI is gud bt it ll directly affect d growth rate, govt shud stop speculation on commodities n also ban export of basic necessity item to support d domestic consumption n @ d same time reduce d levy of indirect tax so as to promote import
inflation is nothing bt an offer price by rich people to own an item @ a price higher den d item deserve, it has no effect on millionaires life bt badly affects d lyf of mango people d AAM JANTA so called..”

– Wrinku Thakur

“i’m no economist but i dont understand govt. policy to hike up the interest rates to fight inflation its like mugging more money out of a man so he cant buy more stuff

1)any thing that is grown in India the govt of India should have the sole right to buy it.
2) govt. of India should buy the grown product and sell it on lesser price(mind you that governments are formed to govern us and govt. should not be a prifut making agency)
3) Transport should be cheap
i “

– Mohan Singh Naruka

“we ourself are increasing inflation, do cost cutting”

– Naveen Abhi

“Government should realize that rampant growth in ‘fuel price’ is the core reason of all odds. No policy can maintain the abnormal rise in rate of inflation.
Government should take immediate step to stabilize the fuel price. This is the only prudent way to sustain the growth rate of Indian economy at around
9%. Otherwise, very hard days will come in future and that would be fatal for the basics of our economy.”

– Gazula Vamsi Krishna

“Government should sell petrol on ration card……”

– Rahul Singh

“No body can be sure of any thing , even the RBI can’t be, but let us hope that RBI succeed in taming Inflation and fuelling growth. Certainly the mechanism adopted by the RBI are time tested and had given us fruit in past. RBI is under the able hand of UK Sinha and his able team so lets be optimistic that the policy change will bring cheers to the hoi polloi. there are various ways to curb inflation a:) Monetary Policy b:)Fixed exchange rate c:)Gold Standard d:) wage and price Control ……………… raise the reserve money that banks have to have, which reduces money velocity and inflation and hence prices, yet doesnt raise the debts of the public or harm the balance of trade of the country…………………………………………………………….1.) Decrease Aggregate Demand
Decrease money supply
Increase short term interest rates
Increase Productivity
Increase output without increasing input.
Increase output using less input.
Both of the above are typically the accomplished through the development of economies of scale, new technology and/or new more efficient methods of production”

– Nilaya Shanker