“Voice of the Youth” – Indo-US Relations

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In an important step forward in the global strategic partnership between India and the United States, Home Minister P Chidambaram and Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano met on Friday. The US has given India full access to the witness and when the case is over there will probably be more access given. Do you think the Indo-US partnership is partnership is going to intensify in the months and years to come?

“A Gr8 StEp tAkEn bY IndIa nD U.S.A….BoTh D CoUnTrIeS Wl HavE D PoSiTiVe ReSuLtS Of DiS DeAl………..HoPe So……Gud LuCk”

– Gini D Maverick

“itz gud 4 both da countries”

– Sadiq Ali

“According to me if all terms between India and US remain negotiable..partnership may intensify…It depends on how much both the countries are committed to hold the partnership…”

– Chaitali Roy

“cant trust America as they have done before to get side when ever we need them”

– Apurva Biswal

“its a conspiracy to take help from INDIA”

– Pradip Singh

“USA hv nvr stp up on their sayngs wd india if india is gtin mre profit. So cnt sy lets wait n wtch wt woud hpn”

Ashok Singh

“Though The US has given India full access to the witness and when the case is over there will probably be more access given BUT we must remember that There is some self-interest behind every friendship.And US being a nation which is so egocenteric and can dupe any nation when Its own interest is served as has happened with many nations in the past so we must be very guarded in our relationship with the Mighty USA. Its always good to maintain camaraderie to achieve common goal, for the betterment of masses etc. BUT we should not become blind like pakistan in future, which has even given her territory to be used by pakistan. Hence with multitude of recent development i can forsee that relation is going to improve BUT we must be cautious in our approach.”

– Nilaya Shanker

“USA keval india ki badhati econonic ka phayada utha raha hai…”

– Rahul Maurya

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