“Voice of the Youth” – Is India Shining?

The economists at Standard Chartered Bank, have put out a research report in which they see India emerging a “winner in the current global super-cycle” despite its many deficiencies like mass poverty, rotten infrastructure, massive corruption and imbalanced sex-ratio to name a few. Though it’s too early to celebrate India’s climb onto this supercycle, wg=here do you…the youth of India…see our country 10 years down the line?

“india would be a world greatest economy in few years of future ,.,,,with that i m proud to be an indian”

– Amit Kumar Lally

“Democracy is the main pillar. We have to ensure self sufficient food, power and security. We have to give importance to every little thing. Farmers must be treated as doctors and engineers. We need really good teachers. They are the only people can create leaders of tomorrow.”

– Jegan Venkatasamy

“The statistics found in these researches are not up to the basic reality…..i think they have gone for a wrong basis of research…..it would be still a dream without enrichment of access to money and services…….only increasing income is not a solution….only if services are made available and that for middle class of india then we will be somewhere there…”

– Ambuj Mani Tripathi

“Mr. Jagan is right. Whenever the question arrives what do u think about the india’s development stretegy nd development growth? I almost thinks why does we always comparing our economy with other countries? We should think about india’s habitant growth first. If we will grow india’s economy would be automatically grow. We r two aspects of the same single coin. “

– Ravi Mehta

“India will lead the world”

– Durga Madhuri

“india has indeed a great opportunity ahead to become the greatest economy in the world..but still the country has to cross many hurdles like supermassive corruption,poor infrastructure,developement of the poor etc.we will be the best in future only if the government is sinciere n honest in their work..and try to implement harder laws..nd this will take time.”

– Shama Mankikar

“I see India as a super power in next ten years simply being so populated therby emerging as the largest market for the goods being manufactured around the globe. Naturally all the MNCs get attratcted infusing more money into India and contributing to superlative growth. “

– Lokesh Kapoor

“NO secularism in India yet lot to be demanded… It cnt be cald democracy untill muslim gets equal rights & protection anytime anywere he is insulted by people who are provoked by lunatic politicians & organisations workng openly 🙁 this nt secularism”

– Ali Zubain

“Misuse of democratic rights can destroy the india’s vision of becoming a super power.i thnk for dis reason the word democracy is written in red.”

– Niraj Sufiyan Zahid

“we all or atleast I went sober with my democracy, which is now a DemoCRazY……. when it comes about economy the power is plus T………..(POWER+T)”

– Pruthvi Raj