“Voice of the Youth” – Nano vs Jaguar!

In 2008, the betting was that the Nano would change Tata Motors’ fortunes and Jaguar Land Rover would bleed it. The results for 2010-11 show that it is exactly the other way round. But the Tatas are now trying a different tack, and making it an affordable car in terms of monthly EMIs. They are not selling it as a cheap car, but one that is easy to acquire. That’s where even the volumes of 70,000 came from after sales in the second half of calendar 2010 showed a steep drop. What do you think, selling a car is about price or value? What stopped Nano from making a mark?

“compromised with the quality to bring down the price…thats the main reason which hampered the dream of tata…”

– Ankit Gupta

“quality of nano was alwys a question since its launch, but i guess its d indian thinkin dat CHEAP aint gud dat spoiled nano’s sales ….. elsewise its a value for money…. no other car in world has recieved such a global accolade !”

– Nishchal Gupta

“There’s a saying…Quality and quantity cannot be maintained simultaneously….
I guess NANO proved that…..coz if anyone is going to buy a brand new car…he would never compromise on quality…however cheap the car is….
also various cases like car getting obsessed to fire also plays a vital role in its downfall sale…”

– Abhas Agarwal

“I just bought a Nano and am amazed by its performance… i strongly recommend the car..
the problem is not with the pricing so much as it is with the expectation of the people.. people expect a performance comparable with the cars of the bigger segment like the i10 or zen.. they are unwilling to accept the fact that the car is targeting the 2 – wheeler market..
please try to understand the potentials of the cars..”

– Siddharth Acharya

“see with this cost u can’t ask more than wat tata gave!!
he promised a cheap car for lower middle class and he is upto my expectation!!
he promised a car but not an outstanding car!!
u guys should praise him for that!!”

– Aviral Saxena

“tata just concentrated on lakhtakiya tag line and nothing else. their ultimate aim was to produce a car of 1 lakh, keeping that in mind they compromised with many features , which resulted in its failure. the hipe didn’t even increase sale.”

– Vinay Arora

“at the cost of 1 lakh, you cannot expect the features of a Jaguar.. if you desire such features, pay that amount..
you cannot bake the cake and eat it too!!

– Siddharth Acharya

“No way wagonr if far better than nano
If a nano goes in the next st u can hear it going
On the other hand a Wagonr or any other similar car won’t have that noise and would function more effectively”

– Nagaraj Prince

“the only thing that i feel is …. THE TARGETED CUSTOMERS ARE NOT GETTING NANO …. instead those who already own a sedan or a 3-bhk flat in noida have it….”

– Abhi Arora

“Its a fallout on technical…dangerous for your life…people have seen few burning on the road…proving it to be unsafe…people love their life first…car thereafter…and its rear engine makes it more vulnerable to accidents and fills worry inside the owner…its needs to be redesigned and remarketed..with a new stratagy…probably with a new name and a new fortune…!”

– Er Prafulla Parhate