“Voice of the Youth” – Should Wiki be Victorious?

The Wikipedia Foundation plans to apply for a UNESCO World Heritage label. But can a virtual site claim to be “a masterpiece of human creative genius” of universal human value?

“masterpiece r created by human, n it should apply !”

– K. Srinivas Rao

“I think it can, because in the world of computers, magic happens in software and softwares are virtual”

– Avik Ghose

“”Wikipedia”- is a Media which gives information about anything and everything in the world……LUCKY TO HAVE WIKI”

– ವಿಜಯ್ ಹೆರಗು

“Wikipedia is a perfectly structured, disciplined and well organised source of information. It has led the world of information to a new horizon where your
thirst of knowledge can be quenched just by a click. It wont be wrong if anyone calls it a masterpieceof one genious. After all a genious is genious by work not by words.”

– Gopaditya Das

“I dont think so! Wikipedia is just like a shop in a Mall of information where you can look for any fact or info you want as per your requirement. But it cant be considered as a “Masterpiece” .If they are claiming for this position then i guess Google, and the idea of Internet should be the first in queue.”

– Priya Sondawale

“wikipedia is google for any subject.”

– Alok Kumar

“wikipedia deserves “a masterpiece of human creative genius” , UNESCO should feel proud to declare..”

– Manoj Suresh

“wikipedia definetely deserves what it plans to apply for.it is for sure a masterpiece.it is not just a website but is an embodiment of world information.so it should get the label.”

– Sumanth Krishna Raviprolu

“wikipedia deserves it from tip to toe as it is a non profit making organization and provides information related to any matter on a single click .you cant compare wikipedia with google or any other medium which provides access to internet because MNCs like google take a good sum of money to provide that service but wikipedia provides that info on no cost “it a masterpiece of human creativity and an example of generosity and philanthropy.”

– Mukesh Kumar

“Human mind is an ever evolving and a creative genius. We have and we shall create more mesmerizing things both virtual and real things. Wikipedia may be one of the initiation of the powerful human mind. Yes Wikipedia does deserve the heritage label but in comparison to whom and what…”

– Daipayan Sen