“Voice of the Youth” – The Ability-based Cabinet!!

We talked of Women Power as Mamta Banerjee swept the scene. But Didi’s cabinet oozes with Male Domination as we saw 44 Ministers lining-up along with just one more woman to support her. What do you think is the ideology behind this? Fear, Loyality or simply the fact that it’s about ability and not gender?

“It became 0 to 2 . plus one deputy speaker .”

– Biswadip Saha

“I strongly believe that end of the day, ‘Courage’ is all that matters. Gender of course can be discriminating, especially in politics. But Didi – I’m sure has gone through so much now, that that discrimination is not going to tease her. If that was case down south in TN, Jay would be no more. She’s an example for a woman with sheer courage and power. With a completely male-packed block, she’s done it twice already and will do it again the third time.”

– Raju Chandrasekaran

“if copared MAMATA BANERJEE scores mre dn INDIRA GANDHI! 4m zero 2 C.M. is awsome widot ny political background!”

– Julius Swarup

“Mamata Banerjee is at this position with her sheer ability and courage. I have heard she was a social activist earlier. Same is the case with Jayalalitha. Even today in India its a tough struggle for women to make their point among men.”

– Anirban Saha

“There s nothin to talk abt gender discrimination here.. Politics s a place where only courage commands.. Its not d “fear” factor.. Leaders lik Jaya, Mamta would hv been washed away from d politics pool long back if fear matters them d most.. Its all abt courage and ability.. nothing else… “

– Sakthi Raja

“In my view it is the culmination of all Fear, Loyality or simply the fact that it’s about ability and not gender. As we all are privy to the fact that she now has to rule in West Bengal and take the state toward development which was dominated by CPI(M)l for the past 34 years. and the entire machinery’ administrative’ had been hijacked by them. so she has the FEAR of reprisal, which is the surmountable problem in front of her. We are not living in quixotic word, LOYALITY pays every particularly in politics , here also this must be the case as the TMC worker want their due back after working with mamta banerjee for the past 2 or 3 decade, and every body want their name to be featured in MLAs and cabinet minister list. Last but not least no govt. can run without talent. In her govt also there are zillion of talents like Amit Mitra (ex FICCI general sec),ex IAS whom she had given TMC ticket. As to take any state towards the developmental path well educated people with domain knowledge is required. She had flawlessly managed FEAR, LOYALITY, ABILITY in her cabinet.”

– Nilaya Shanker

“I think, it is a general tendency of women leaders to be able to work well with men sub-ordinates. It has nothing to do with only Mamta Banerjee, if we look at the corporate world around us, we will see plenty of examples. To a certain extent, it also depends on the number of women leaders available to take up responsible positions (personally, I would see both Jayalalitha & Mamta Banerjee’s taking over these power positions in Politics as a new era!) and I am very very proud of them both… :-)”

– Sushmita Sinha Roy

“i think ability counts..wether its male or female cabinet minister..t doesn’t matter as far as the state is progressing”

– Shama Mankikar

“it’s to early to comment…but, she always spks about abilty nd not GENDER.”

– Barun Baidya

“BRAVO! HURRAH! These were crystal clear expressionas on the faces of Bangoliles When Didi-led coalition party knocked down the rival CPI-M in a clean sweep.It wasn’t only a simple victory for any party and state public but a victorious victory especially for those helpless people who willy-nilly electing Buddha led government for past 34 years…For a country of India’s disparities,it is remarkable the TMC has invented itself as a vible force. We will never know whether it was Singur,the Left’s general mismanagement or simply a need for change-the exact cause for the Trinamool sweep cannot be pinpointed.”

– Kapil Mehta