“Voice of the Youth” – The Badminton Skirt Rule

Facing fierce criticism from superpowers China and fellow Asian countries, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) in its council meeting decided not to introduce the regulations regarding the mandatory use of skirts and to “further investigate the new clothing regulations after accepting a recommendation from the Women in Badminton Committee.” Do you think a strict Dress Code anyhow helps a sport or the player?

“Yes of course,a particular dress code is vry mch imp 4 a game……..!!!”

– Swarnendu Munshi

“its not about glamour or something. ..
Let this be fully depend on player.
Dress code is a good option but dont think tht in tennis and badminnton the skirts doesnt need more after all we like the game and rewards of a player , not their sexy looks in courts”

– Adi Sharma

“Are they concentrate game development or skirt n shorts ? Players comfort and convenient is more important than Committee rules and regulations. They have to consider feelings of the players before making these mandatory rules. After all its players wish and will what to wear and what not. This is indoor game not like beach volley ball.”

– Chandra Mohan Anisetty

“dress code like that makes them uncomfortable to play.”

– Abhishek Kumar

“I think dress code would help to the Sports not a player, prefer always”

– Pravin Chavan

“basically a dress code w/ch suits the players sh/d be considered, not w/ch creates problems for them…”

– Vivek Tripathy

“No, i don’t think so..a strict dress code can’t help sportsperson..Saina is a great example,she won so many titles like indonesia.malaysia etc and without wearing skirt..so how can anyone can say that wearing skirt will help sports..a player knows very well about such dress code and if they r opposing it then it shud not b implemented.”

– Puneet Attri

“The Badminton association openly claims that the new dress code is to make the game more popular ! Or rather, they intended to say spectator-friendly ! Really ?
then why not hire models to play badminton ?
if the intention is to promote the game by making the players look more eye-warming and not the game itself , the association need a reality check!
really cheap on their part to have made such desicions!
they would do much better, if they try to promote the game by giving a better exposure to the game “

– Raghuveer Pl

“The association must understand that they are running a sport, not a brothel or night club. A player wins medal for the country and should be treated with honour and respect, not humiliated and treated as display item. Spectators of sports like the quality of the play, not the beauty of the players. If they want to fix a dress code, then they should go with something which is morally good.”

– Mohammed Naseeruddeen

“jo dhang se khel rahe hain unhe to sukun se khellne do yaar! game is important , not the dress or money or anything else!”

– Niraj Sinha