“Voice of the Youth” – The Hanging Credit!!

Amole Gupte never spoke out against his former friend who, as the producer of Taare Zameen Par, had creative differences with him and after a bulk of the film was already shot, reportedly took over the directorial reins rather unceremoniously. Now, whe Stanley ka Dabba is out for the viewers, the craft would speak for itself. But, what does the youth think? Was Amole Gupte denied credit for his heart ‘n’ soul research or was Aamir’s decision actually right for the movie?


“Amol Gupte definitely better. People like Aamir think they are always right!”

– Raghav Gautam

“aamir shud giv a chance to others to express n explore…we knw he is super intelligent…but..thr r many juss waitng for d right opportunity…Amole..n his work wil speak for him…”

– Abha Thesinger

“Amol Gupte has proved himself. May be “Taare Zameen Par” directed by him could have been even better !!!!”

– Harsh Vora

“Amol Gupte gave his best story to Aamir Khan (out of the two), and he wasn’t treated fairly. In fact, any half-decent director would’ve made a movie with the script given the performers they had. What Gupte has done here has presented a normal story in a brilliant way and one can only wonder how beautiful he would have made Taare Zameen Par which was definitely a better story. Also, as performer, he gave his role everything, and was convincing and mostly brilliant. Aamir was the star factor, and I hope and I wish we stop running behind stars and give dues where needed. Amole Gupte is definitely a better writer, director, and nothing less an actor if this movie is any indication. And it was shot on saturdays and sundays without disturbing school. Brilliant. Sms Stanley to 57827 as they say and pledge your support to the cause against Child Labor.”

– Raghav Gautam

“TZP was actually directed by Amol Gupte But Aamir Khan eventually took the tag of him, being the sole director of Taare Zameen Par. Amol Gupte never spoke out cuzz he knew wat talent he has in himself. & Stanley ka Dabba is an awsmm fantabulous xample of it. A gr8 director like Vishal Bhardwaj said, dat was Taare Zameen Par Butt dis is CHAND ZAMEEN PAR..”

– Sumit Bulchandani

“Without actually knowing what these “creative differences” were, it is hard for us to even say what TZP would’ve turned out to be if Amol Gupte had directed it! But stanely ka dabba getting good reviews would only mean that TZP would’ve been treated differently but equally well made! 🙂 But i’m sure even Amol wouldnt have given up the director’s seat if he hadnt trusted aamir’s vision! :)”

– Sai Kishore

“in complete agreement”…TZP was gud wid Aamir, bt who knows may hve been gud wid Amol as well,,,SKD jst establishes d fact dat TZP definitely wudn’t hve been bad wid Amol, esp wid more dan half d movie a product of his sweat n blood”

– Kanika Anand

“So called Mr. Perfectionist
Knows how to use his power … And sideline the talented people like Amol Gupte … But his work will speak for him .. Best of luck Amol”

– Deep Tarale

“I watched Stanley ka dabba yesterday .. though i am die hard fan of Aamir, but still now cannot deny the fact that Amol would have put in his best efforts to make TZP what we saw. Hats off to Amol. He knows how to depict the child’s numb correctly on screen.”

– Manish Arora

“aamir khan jaise log sara kaam doosron se karwate hain aur credit khudh le jaate hain aur in case koi aage nikal jaaye to use media mein khule aam gaaliyan dete hain,ya to publicity ke liye ya apni bhadas nikalne ke liye.apne aap ko shareef kehte hain par hain kahin se nahin.sab ke sab matlabi aur makkar hain.”

– Dhananjay Garg

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