“Voice of the Youth” – The Historic Assasination

What was Mrs Indira Gandhi’s game plan in training the Tamil groups?
According to LTTE leader KP, Mrs Gandhi thought she may be able to escalate armed struggle up to a certain level and then use that leverage to settle the issue. But her assassination put paid to those plans.

“she was paid off to what so ever she did……..”

– Harpreet Singh

“She tried to teach lesson to srilanka which was helpin pakistan ships to fill fuel in their ports. Also srilanka give importance to US and JAPAN. Srilanka was a market for indian goods,but then the japan people occupied the market since the then president of SL open the doors fr japan. So by giving arms to LTTE she tried to achieve benefits for indian territory.”

– Udhaya Karthick

“Every country be it America, Isreal, China et la, all engage in some some subterfuge So that they can settle the vex issue more in favour of them. It is imperative for a country to pursue it external ambition and same was Ms Gandhi was doing. Currently we can see how messy whole affair of Indian defence, IB, RAW, Intellegence agencies had become that we goofed up in making most wanted list.The need of the hour is to strenthen our external and internal defence so as to put pressure on neighbouring country to settle the contentious issue in our favour.”

– Nilaya Shanker

“As you sow so you reap”

– Manoj Dey

“She paid for what she did!!”

– Anumaya Choudhary