“Voice of the Youth” – The Jan Lokpal Bill

Mr. Hazare’s fast ended with the government capitulating to his demand for a joint committee to draft the Lokpal Bill, but not before the issue had resonated throughout the country. Government & Anna’s Team are currently at loggerheads over some issues which Anna’s team considers non-negotiable but at which the Government side is favouring. The mounting fear and foresight is probably holding the authorities away from accepting the original draft of the bill as it is expected to scan the past, present and future events that spelled C O R R U P T I O N word by word. What do you think about the entire issue?

“Anna hazare ji try 2 include pm,cm,mp,judicial judge,governer,president to this lokbal..becauz money makes many things..dont giveup ur voice..a person who ate salt should have 2 drink water as early as possible..”

– Mohammed Abthar

“Bill would be helpful to people, but people should be awared of ill effects of this practice, and for those who use bribe as a shortcut for their work to be done..”

– Alok Kumar Upadhyay

“Dont expect a thief to set himself right, by enacting Laws to govern himself. It will never happen… Unless we together fight it out on the streets!”

– Gokula Krishnan

“Lokpal would nt become a threat to democracy if it gets d required transparency. Transparency is d right of d common people in a democratic society nd we being a part of dis society want the power back.”

– Kusumika Sarkar

“to talk baseless is actually wt our politicians do! On one part they have things going on under their noses and on the other they deny of providing the rights to some agencies which are threat for them! I am sure if these rights be given to Lokpal, the govt and all the politicians will be under scanner and this is exactly wt they dont wnt…and calling it as a threat to democracy! Jst crap and bullshit!!!”

– Mudit Maheshwari

“This is a law, it shouldn’t be passed under coercion or pressure, what are you going to do when generations down the line don’t agree with it? Start another campaign? I would REALLY like to know how many young people have actually READ the lokpal bill or any of the briefs or materials surrounding it.
How much of their opinion is theirs alone and not a product of media or peer pressure and lastly, bringing in a law is one aspect of curbing corruption but how do you fight corruption in your DAILY LIVES? Do pay a traffic cop because you don’t want to pay the challan? Have you paid extra money to get your passport – your decisions in your daily lives will effect the direction this country takes.”

– Pallavi Kaushal

“Leave d politician.. We shld ask ourselves frst ‘hav we never done anythng dat has helped d corruption grow??’ most of d Indians r knwngly or unknwngly part of 1 corruption or d oder. U r habituated so much wid few thngs dat we dnt even realize dat these r also called corruption. Before talkng abt d politician we shld chng ourselves. Nd yes…. we want a corruption free India nd fr dat I m dere wid Anna Hazare.”

– Kusumika Sarkar

“No wonder d gov. Is tryng to minimise d punishmnt coz they r well aware tht as soon as they becum Ex-gov, they wud b d frst ones to hav thr necks heckd to b slaughtrd undr Lokpal; thanx to thr infinte list of achvments in curruptn. Aftr havng secured thr monetary future in swiss banks, by robbng d Aam aadmi,nw thy r tryng to ease out thr future in prisons too!”

– Mrinalika Mishra

“our present leaders shd have a look at this, n feel sm shame….., wn it ws about to be enacted at that tym, why can’t they do it now? its a shame only that in a country of 121 crores they cnt still find a group of ppl who’d be the members of this cause.! n the 1ns who were nominated r clearing out their intentions…! grt….”

– Neha Chandel

“Corruption free India movement seems to me like a last 2 ODI World Cup Finals where India had make it. i m just worrying will the villains prove themselves Australia or Sri Lanka. I wish they like Sri Lanka.”

– Himanshu Gupta

“I was going through the History of corruption and involvement of politicians and trust me now i am really ashamed of calling myself Youth of India!! I was supposed to wright a small note on govt representation on JAN LOKPAL bill but now i am confused what to wright.. .as everyone in deepen in the mud of corruption from head to tip!!”

– Priya Sondawale

“After independence it is the high time to rise from a deep sleep…. Our mother land calls us to save her from corruption & the corrupted politicians…..”

– Souvik Nath