“Voice of the Youth” – The Lost Grains!!

Out of every 100 bags of grain, nearly 60 are lost in transit. The UPA’s ambitious Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme, which eats up two percent of the country’s GDP, is no silver bullet against widespread poverty. Worse, the government’s extravagant social sector spending is set to cripple its hopes of meeting the fiscal deficit target of 4.6% of the GDP by March 2012.

“supply chain grievances…need for direct retail string attached to farmers”

– Ujjawal Agrawal

“govt has become a dhritrastra n cannot see anything beyond votebank politics hence schemes like this, which is acting as termite to the roots n ultimatly will prove fatal to every section of country”

– Sunil Verma

“V can’t develop unless v save our country 4m corrupted people…”

– Ganesh Muthuraman

“MGNREGP is populist in its framework aimed at the vote bank.. it has rather created an artificial scarcity of labour hitting all industries – both small and big… and moreover made people lazy. Its done more harm than good! Rather creating more job opportunities thru SME’s would be the way ahead for poverty alleviation..”

– Gokula Krishnan

“Govt should put up cold storages to save the grains”

– Milind Matange

“Yup u r rite… They can only love d money n like to rob the people by increasin d price if each n everythin… Every1 in india shud get unite n kill such people… “

– Dhaval Soni

“we are shameful of the govt. , but this people [the public servants] are shameless and will never be ashamed to disappoint the people of our country and the country… in front of themselves and the world.”

– Krishna Mantri

“govt. should run a separate panel for its probing and management….”

– Kuldeep Gautam

“matter of shame for UPA govt……………..Sharad Powar Must resign.”

– Haribansh Agrawal

“It’s a shame that our country’s FCA go-downs are in such bad shape. Bihar and UP wasted hundreds of thousands of quintals of food grains last year, owing to bad storage. Only if they could have been sold at susidized prices to the nation’s poor or even given for free, the wasted food grains would have had better value. The greedy and self-centered political heads need to replace their heads with better content.”

– Rohit Iyer