“Voice of the Youth” – The MahaRAJA of all Scams!!

Ex-Telecom Minister A. Raja ranks second on the list of “ignominious club of privileged leaders who stepped too far” prepared by Time magazine. His ‘stepping too far act’, the 2G scam, also hogs the same rank in Top 10 Abuses of Power category. He proudly shares the ‘elite’ space with Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, North Korean leader Kim Jong-II and the sex crazy Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi. Do you think the honour is justified?!

“very much justified!!!! I beleive he has created some sort of Bitter History as well…”

– Suman Das

“Its truly jistified to him coz he misusdes his power and money of our coutry… N every corrupte person should b punished i hate this man. “

– Ankit Rathod

“NO. He has done nothing extra-ordinary. He just followed a flawed policy and thus help some corporate giants only. By doing this he filled his pocket and of some fellow politicians. Thats all!!”

– Shanu Singh

“an auto driver asked me”brother pls say how many zero for that hidden crores”

– Prabakaran Ulaganathan U

“Raja is raja of crpption so it is jstfd…. “

– Mobom Riba

“He made big history of corruption… so indian Gov should take action to who are all with him… and they should also punish…. so that punishment should also be a history of over all world…”

– Bala Ji

“I wd appreciate my country’s democratic system if raja gets an apt punishment in my lifetime……………sorry but no more faith in d system………full of goons, corrupt politicians, babus, administrators, traitors………………”

– Chandranand Ps

“real shame is better than this honour! I just hope raja understands the meaning of ignominious.”

– Sneha Srinivasan

“raja deserves even more like laden and saddam hussain…. hang this idiot”

– Mahesh Babu

“It seems Time Magazine has not got a right crew! If not all the top 100 ranks would be 4 Indian Politicians only 4 sure!!!”

– Bhanu Rekha