“Voice of the Youth” – The Plastic Reputation

All the IITs together produce about 1,000 PhDs a year; top Chinese institutions produce 7,000, according to the government’s own blueprint for the future of the IITs. It was prepared by a team headed by nuclear scientist Anil Kakodkar. The situation is no better in case of the IIMs. Their output is very small in global terms — India ranks 15 in total social science research output. Do you think our institutions are living up to their global reputation?

“A Burning Issue has been brought to focus!! our institutes are in no way living upto the global standards.. Jus Providing a job to a selected few doesn’t make it globally recognized!! Indian Institues Have so far failed to produce skilled man.. they ve produced only money minting men!! but at the same tym one can’t be blamed as the india’s standard of education and number of literates should also be taken into account..”

– Suman Das

“these issues r n new ita always has came to limelight………it vry true….that we r nt focusing research work….reason behind it is d guys who get to premier institute r mostly lokking 4 handsom package…n just that……dier vry few people in our country….who wants to go to research feid…..that why also we r unable to produce high nos of phd….wid d real quality……in them…….”

– Rahul Kumar

“I think that this research does bring out a small issue. But the bigger one that should not be ignored must revolve around the quality of our elite institutions. There is some reason R&D is still in a nascent stage in India, while those studying Electronics in IIT continue opting for MBA in marketing, chosing a job in some world class FMCG and forgetting very soon what they learnt during their B.E. It’s not about quantity we should be concerned about, it’s about quality and purpose.”

– Mayanka Sharma

“IITS AND OTHER LEADING INSTITUTIONS SHOULD BE OPENED TO COMMON MAN AND HIS IDEAS…many people who have great ideas from their practical knowledge doesn’t gets an oppurtunity develop it..so leading instns shud provide more focus on funding and assisting them. A degree or phd doesnot makes much sense..ideas which has economic value shud be encouraged and given exposure…whether it cums frm a school student or a moderately educated man.”

– Vinay Balachandran

“Well said guys education mostly became a source of income ppl are working hard in the field of education but not for knowledge but for future safety …. There r few who had change sumthing there r few who had made the globe good “

– Anuj Jalan

“acute problem…but our govt is responsible…much addition of quota students …talents debarred…in govt R&D jobs less payment ….but our politicians scam in crores….no respect for science & research…here people respect sarkari babus…..how can u think of a developed india”

– Preetam Chandan

“i m a studnt coaching 4 iit in kota nd 4 qualifying dere u need 200+ out of 490 nd let me tel u the cndition here is hateable 4 dose who love scienc who luvs concepts, here we are alloted tons of hw nd evry posible way of scoring,studnts self stdy 4 8 hrs nd most of us hardly knw d concept nd being a human if u stdy 4 8 hrs nd follow kota expertised tutors den scoring that doesnt bcum much harder bt in al d abov process students learn scoring nt concpts bt stil get into india’s bst college”

– Anuj Agrawal

“This number is just of IIT’s, but many Universities(Local as well as State) produce Lacs of PhD’s every year…If these huge, were scientists, what about Nobels for India..! In my view Indians(most of them) today prefer to gather degrees! rather than knowledge and also prefer handfull salaries, in meanwhile they loose precious time of studies..”

– Akshay Bhatnagar

“this is a real serious issue rather a burning issue…even the topmost institutions in india lacks “practical-oriented approach” in teaching..this is a serious drawback…and hence our productivity in research is very much less”

– Shama Mankikar

“All credit goes to the education system we had adopted. We seriously needs to change our education system which was introduced during British Raj to prepare CLERKS for their official works. According to me practical knowledge is the best knowledge. We should develop & introduce a new education system where our next generation can get practical knowledge form starting of their education. “

– Kiran Suthar