“Voice of the Youth” – The Rise that never Falls!!

With no polls immediately in sight, the state-owned oil companies have cleverly increased the petrol price by about Rs 5 per litre with effect from midnight tonight in the steepest hike ever. Do you think this tactic of “playing with prices” at the cleverly correct timings helps the Political Parties manage their hold?

“Dat’s called brain game………. real smart move, bt it’s heights hike of Rs.5 per litre at one go is not fare ……………..wht do v commoon men do?????????????????”

– Prashant Chaturvedi

?”1st they start with 50-75 paise and 2day reached at 5rs.. what next?”

– Gharendra Raut

“8 times in the past 9 months if am not wrong ! What the heck happened to all the subsidies ! Bloody vote w***** ! Couldnt help with the languages !”

– Anirudh Punuru

“It definitely is a political game but more than the timing, the politicians trust us- The Indians. They know we’ll crib about yet another hike, talk about it for a few days, may be stop using our own vehicles and commute using public transport for a few days. But eventually we will forget about the hike and we will adjust our lives with yet another price hike and it will all be fine again. Or is it fine really?”

– Rohit Iyer

“This is a great plan of indian govt they increased the price by 5 rs and now bjp and other parties will protest and then they will surely decrease 1 or 2 rs which was the actual price they want to increase was 3 rs it will surely happens”

– Sukhwinder Singh Rana

“bosss u hv 2 c d lossess of d companies of oil sector……..there is one idea..that state govt. will reduces tax 4 decreasement in d prices….b4 they hv 20 % tax n still hv 20%tax now d tax on high prices wil b more than b4”

– Anwar Sadat

“Safe game out of dirty politics.. D resentment among d public due lack of confidence in d existing system, probably gaving way to brain drain!! Whr will dis ultimately lead to??”

– Gayathri Alladi

“we are the common people how could we effort these xtra burden. By this decision taken by govt only middle class people will suffer. I hope this would be the last chance to this govt to rule.”

– Hari Gopal

“this is not only sign to increase increase in petrol this is sign to increase in all things..i have heard that in 2011 all the world will collapse.if it is not collapsing,….then middle class people will really die not to affort this situation. in 70 rupees we can travel only 50 kilometer and in car 15…”

– Prashanth Kumar Singh

“This is nothing but hitting the last nail in the coffin ..the nation is already facing inflation as never b4 and these white dressed bastards are adding insult to injury……..”

– Mangesh Singh

Image Source: [http://asiabizz.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/BPCL-fuel-price-hike.jpg]