“Voice of the Youth” – The Unfair Justice!!

On one side, a country spends trillions of US Dollars for ten long years to find their traitor and kills him on the spot on finding him..and on the other side, a country who catches their traitor red handed for FREE.. isn’t ready to kill him without spending trillions on keeping him alive for 10 more years. Who is right and who has forged a false definition of justice and righteousness?

“indian still follow the philosophy of Atithi devo bhawah especially for terrorists from neighbour”

– Sujit Kumar Jha

“bt it depends on d situations n d inflance ,, note out 9/11 ws far mor destractive dan 26/11 n d usma ws d top most person leading it bt taking abt kasab hez nt d mastr mind d ppl hu led him 2 do dis r u 2 b caught n kasab cn b a usful source 4 dat cz doz ppl cn genrate few mor kasabs n it cn lead 2 a massive destruction”

– Aadil Wani

“kasab bastard should nt b killed….he should be punished harder and harder to make every terrorist think 2wice thrice and even more times on doing the same thing wid us…….kasab came here 2 kill and 2 b killed…..he knew that he would b killed…..but i think its right decision 2 make him wait 4 his death…..he should b made to realise abt death being more easy than punishment”

– Saurabh Singh

“My status message today says…”If i ever become the president of India,my first order will be to the Indian Army to absolutely finish Pakistan,i don’t care about killing innocent people,i don’t care about the UN…we are done being nice with pakistan and its people.”

Why is it always we who take the defensive stand,and it also includes not killing this ba***rd Kasab.The recent statement by Pak that India will have to face consequences in the form of attacks on its cities if we try to conduct a similar operation in pak like US did to kill osama…i mean this statement clearly shows that they are always so terror supportive and terror ready..India should tackle this seriously as the iron is now hot,also China is posinga threat to us by covering up POK and other border areas…Chinese are playing their own game,they are fooling pakistan by supporting them through infra projects and if something wrong happens..India is the one which will suffer..and i just cannot tolerate that…!!”

– Aditya Yadav

“its a subject of mockery…how great our democracy is…
Recently we have heard abt lokpal bill, it wil pass in next session..bt wt we wil do. evn thn?
We cant punish a terrorist who has stabbed us( kasab).. thn wht we wil do with those political leaders who had jst caught in act of selling their country…”

– Bashisth Narayan

“The problem with indian judiciary is that it does not do anything on time. We have someone who killed so many indians in cold blood (and he doesnt even seem to repent it) with proof, but still are undecided on his punishment. It simply shows our country’s inefficiency. For only these criminals, so called human rights are considered. For those who advocate on behalf of this terrorist, i ask one thing. Dont those who were killed (which included bread earners, weak and innocent people) have any human rights. Someone who did such a grave crime isnt a human, so the point of the human rights doesnt arise at all. Let us be aware that justice delayed is justice denied.”

– Mohammed Naseeruddeen

“The basic difference is most of US politicians look for the batterment of their nation while most of Indian politicians strive for the batterment of their own and the party they belongs to.”

– Purnachandra Gope


– Subhash Sharma

“Cynicism in India is as old as the country itself. 100% of those who have made a comment here are of the view that India is soft on terrorism and America a hero. America is powerful but could not always be right. I think what the Americans did in Abbotabad, if ever they did was outrageous, the whole sequence looks more like a video game story. What India is doing to Kasab is more ethical and organized. Cadavers never answer your Questions, but living people do. Moreover death would be preffered by anyone who has stayed in that jail for more than a month. So at that level Kasab is being tortured more than Osama, and that too at a much lower price.”

– Sumit Chaudhari

“our govrment set example ..by keeping alive bloody terrorist like kasab so that other terrorist will hve no problemb to spread terror on our soil coz they know that…even if they get cought…they will b taken care by all the luxuries thing by our goverment…”

– Vikram Rana

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