10 Benefits of Yoga

  1. The most important benefit of practicing Yoga is that it releases the stress, tremendously! Yoga helps reduce the effects of stress on ones body. One of the greatest benefits of Yoga is that it encourages relaxation and also, lowers the amount of cortisol in the body! Cortisol is body’s response o stress. Its primary function is to increase the blood sugar in the body!
  2. Daily exercises of Yoga can help ease the aches and pains of the body. Several serious diseases have been cured by practicing certain asanas regularly! Meditation too acts as a relaxing agent on the body! Meditation and Yoga in tandem are the perfect blend for a healthy life!
  3. Taking in deep and long breaths is what one learns in the daily practice of Yoga! Such breathing exercises manifest the better functioning of the Lungs, and set the body in tone to unwind! This is also one of the most powerful benefits of Yoga!
  4. With continuous practice of Yoga, the body becomes more flexible. It helps in lengthening of the muscles, tendons and ligaments, thus providing the body with wee bit extra agility!
  5. The Yoga Postures make use of all the muscles in ones body and renders each of them with strength and power! It benefits every bone/muscle right from head to toe! Thus an overall development of the body is what is achieved!
  6. Since Yoga helps in controlling the cotisol in ones body, it aids in weight loss and fat burning as well!
  7. It improves the body’s circulation! The benefits of Yoga can be seen in the long term! It is instrumental in controlling blood pressure and the pulse rate!
  8. Even the gentlest styles of Yoga, help in lowering the heart rate and in an increase in one’s overall endurance! It improves the amount of oxygen that goes inside the body!
  9. Daily practice of Yoga instills greater coordination abilities, better memory skills, improved concentration skills and a general quickening of the ones senses!
  10. Finally, practicing Yoga provides one with inner peace! Attaining daily targets and keeping up with the pace of the world, has rendered most of us incapable of realizing ones inner peace! Yoga thus provides one with that!