10 Important Events that Occurred on this Day in History!

  1. 30th November, 1990: Bush proposes US-Iraq meeting to avoid War
  2. 30th November, 1991: 1st Championship of Women’s Soccer, US defeats Norway, 2-1
  3. 30th November, 1992: David Boon’s 14th Test Century, 111 v/s West Indies at Brisbane
  4. 30th November, 1993: President Clinton signs Brady Gun Control Bill
  5. 30th November, 1995: Beatles’ first album in 25 years, ‘Live at BBC’ is released in Britain
  6. 30th November, 1994: Manmohan Adhikary sworn in as the 1st Communist premier of Nepal
  7. 30th November, 2004, Lion Air Flight 538 crashes in Surakarta, in Jakarta, Central Indonesia. It claimed 38 lives!
  8. 30th November, 2005: John Sentamu becomes the first African American Arch Bishop in the Church of England
  9. 30th December, 2004: department of homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge Resigns
  10. 30th November, 2007: Hillary Clinton presidential campaign office hostage crisis!