10 Ways To Make Your Friendship Day Memorable


That time of the year has come once again when you celebrate the bond that you share with your friends – laughter, pranks, silliness, fights, and everything else that makes friendship a beautiful gift. You have created wonderful moments and shared memorable experiences since your childhood days, school and then college. Now as you get older, create another moment of togetherness that will last for a lifetime. Celebrate this Friendship Day doing some of the nicest things for your friends that will completely melt them, making your friendship stronger.

Here are 10 things you can do to make this Friendship Day a memorable one:

  • Write a letter

It need not necessarily be a letter. Just write down your thoughts about your friends in a piece of paper or maybe a handmade card; things you have been wanting to say but didn’t say for some reason.  You may not be a good writer, it doesn’t matter. A few lines that come from the heart will surely make your friends feel loved.

  • Do A Potluck

What better way to celebrate your friendship? We all love food. Each of you can cook the thing you make best and reminisce about the bygone days of your budding friendship. Let the joy of good food take part in the joy of friendship.

  • Movie Marathon

Avoid the theatres this time. Give that home-theatre look to your drawing room. Throw in cushions and douche bags, fix a good sound system and don’t forget the popcorns!

  • Make Bracelets

You want to get gifts for each of one them but you’re broke. Make a bracelet with those unused threads in your house adding colours and designs in your own style.

  • Go For A Drive

Take that long drive and go crazy with friends. Let your heads out from the windows and scream out loud with the fresh moving air. Stop for roadside eateries and take some selfies.

  • Make A Seal

Get a white chart paper, soak your hands in coloured paint of your choice and create palm prints. Collage it. Voila! Your friendship is sealed.

  • House Party

Throw a theme-based party. Good food, loud music and dance till you drop flat on your cosy beds.

  • Go Digital

Perhaps your friends are in different cities now. But nothing should stop you from making you Friendship Day heart-warming. So, resort to the use of internet. Invite your friends to Google Hang Out and have fun just chatting. Don’t forget to take a screen shot.

  • Social Cause

If you want to make this day a meaningful one, take your friends to the nearest old age home and spend time with the elders. You’ll be guided by old wisdom. Take sweet-eats along.

  • Jam Session

Sing your hearts out. Sing it loud. Team up and create a new song. Let the lyrics reflect the bond that you share.

Valentina Telien Kom

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