10 Weird Buildings Around The World

Three storey magical tree house in British Columbia, Canada.




Surrounded by fresh flowers and exotic greenery can be found this brightly painted Hobbit House in Matamata, New Zealand



House of stone is built between four huge boulders. This stone house is situated in Fafe Mountains of Portugal.




Tea Pot Dome is a service station in Washington State, United States of America

Tea pot dome


This upside-down house is located in Pai, a small town in Mae Hong son province in northern Thailand near the Myanmar border.



One log house is a large redwood log turned into a home. This redwood log house is found in California, USA



This strawberry shaped building is a small shop cum restaurant in Tokyo, Japan

Strawberryn house


The Maison De Sorciere meaning the Witch House in French, is a house in France. Many believe the house to be haunted.

Moison De


This wooden Russian mansion is an architectural treat to those who love its art. The mansion is abandoned in a deep forest in northern Russia.




The house has been constructed unusually in the shape of a Pickle Barrel and is located in Michigan, USA



Pallavi Sharma

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