10 Worst Bollywood Flops EVER!

1. The Top of the list is awarded to Mani Ratnam’s’ Raavan’! It was made in a whooping 100 crore and managed to earn a meager 30 Crores!

2. The second flop in a row for Sanjal Leela Bhansali was disssapoinnting! ‘Guzzarish’ failed to sustain its hype despite a great cast! Generated a revenue of 35 Crocre when the budget of the Movie was 85 Crores!

3. Hrithik Roshan seemed to have lost his touch with his audience! ‘Kites’ was another of his disastrous! Despite getting one of the largest openings ever, the Movie fell flat!

4. ‘When ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se’ was being promoted, it was touted as another Oscar entry post Gowariker’s Lagaan! However, very average acting, story and Direction put the Movie in the 4th position!

5. Made in a budget of nearly 40 Crocres, ‘Action Replayy’ was nowhere close to even caricaturizing the royal 60s and 70s! A movie which was forgotten within days of its release!

6. ‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’ seemed an unconventional story line, but it failed to ring a bell with the audience! Managed to earn just 8.5 Crores!

7. Seems like skin show is not all that an audience looks for in a movie! Mallika Sherawat should have learnt her lessons by now! Failure of ‘Hiss’ should make her rethink her strategies!

8. Imran Hashmi has wasted enough money of his Uncle! ‘Crook’ was one such disaster which the Bhatts are still coping with! Although it was made in fewer than 17 Crores, it managed to earn just a few Crores!

9. Uday Chopra may get films because of the Last name he has but his Movies fail to give him any respect in the Industry! As a result of which, ‘Pyaar Impossible’ in at number 9!

10. ‘Veer’ was hardle a ‘veer’at the box-office! Salman Khan was unable to pull off a success despite fooling around with a Muslim Beauty!