10 Worst Cities for IT Pros!

  1. Situated along the banks of Fen River, Linfen in China tops the list of worst cities for IT pros. It also tops the list the list of the most polluted cities in the world with more than 3,000,000 people potentially affected due to automobile and industrial emissions!
  2. At Number 2 is Mexico’s Capital, Mexico City! With an estimated population of 8.84 million as on 2009, the city is the most densely populated city in the World! It is also plagued with high level pollution, noise and violence. Organized crimes, drug abuse and alcoholism are other reasons why it is one of the most un preferred destinations!
  3. American Antarctic Research Center is the 3rd worst city for IT Pros! In summers, the population of this region is around 1000 and in winters it is around 250!
  4. The Capital city of China, Beijing is Number 4th in this list! It is the second largest city of China after Shanghai! Beijing is marred with traffic congestion, over population and tremendous pollution! Many factors coming together in making it grab the 4th spot!
  5. The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is ranked 5th in the worst IT cities list! It is also termed as the riskiest city in the world! The problem of pollution, overpopulation, congestion, sanitation is rampant! It does not provide a congenial destination at all!
  6. The next in line is the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Apparently, Riyadh is one of the most unsafe destinations as far as the political scenario is concerned! No wonder it is one of the most un wanted destinations by th IT honchos!
  7. Ranked as the 7th worst city for techies, Mumbai gets its dubious character because of its pollution, congestion and over population problems! It has one of the worst medical and sanitation facilities in the Country according to a survey!
  8. Nairobi figures in this because of the increasing crime rates, problems related to population, pollution and the unstable political situation!
  9. The 9th spot is grabbed by Afghanistan! Not a single but all the cities of Afghanistan! According to the survey, every city in Afghanistan is non-conducive to IT professionals!
  10. Finally, Iraq is the 10th worst Country for techies to work in. The frequent attacks and the unsyable political situation makes the Country exceptionally un-friendly for the IT pros!