12 Things To Do Before 21 December

Things To Do Before You Die

If the Facebook page of the Mayan Society is anything to go by, their FB account will “freeze” on 21 of December 21, 2012 at 00:00 hrs. (Whether it’s GMT or EDT, people are still confused. According to Troll Scientist it’s the average mean time of all Time Zones on Earth). For one, if that does happen, Salman Khan will die a bachelor, Pakistan will self-immolate itself, and Afzal Guru will die a common man’s death.

Here’s a list of 12 things that you should do before 21st of December:

1.) Go to the South Pole: Do a hand-stand. Hold up the Earth. And if you are lame enough, “dp that pic”.

2.) Kiss a stranger: Totally doable. If she protests say, “It’s end of the world, and I’m giving kisses for free…You’re welcome sweety!”

3.) Admit openly that you watch porn: “Porn? What is that?!” As if you have never logged on to an adult website. All you voguish girls out there, admit it, YOU watch porn.

4.) Pee in front of your Dean’s house: Raju Rastogi did it in front of Virus’s house and so should you. And nail it if you’re an engineering student.

5.) Crash into a girl’s hostel: You have been dreaming about it since your high school days, now is your chance to do it.

6.) Learn an exotic dance: She will surely be impressed by your dancing skills, if not your abs.

7.) Throw a shoe at a politician: It’s your chance to get lucky. Take out that rubber sole from your feet and slap it hard on someone who deserves it – a politician.

8.) Be a prankster: Write a note saying, “You have been chosen to save the Earth. Report at 21:21:21 hours at the old hut in front of Purana Quila” and slip it into a stranger’s pocket.

9.) Gender change: If you’ve always wondered what’s it like to be the opposite sex, then get it done before the 21st. Life won’t give you a second chance.

10.) Get close to mother nature: Walk on the streets with nothing but a leaf on your junk, and shout “We are back to the stone age. Let’s celebrate!”

11.) Shoplift from a lingerie store: Get the perfect gift for your girl friend.

12.) Take to the social network: Last but not the least, change your Facebook status to “So long and thanks for all the fish”, wonder how many of your friends will get the reference to Douglas Adams.

Arjun Tuli

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