#12thSAG: The Grand Indian Comeback


The 12th South Asian Games starts in Guwahati  today. The games start with a message of Peace, Progress and Prosperity in the South Asian countries by Tikhor, the official mascot of the games.


It can be called as the return of the Indian Olympic Association on the world stage. This mega multi-national sports event is held among the athletes of the South Asian countries in various locations across the region. The event is presently joined by the eight South Asian countries namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  The games were scheduled to be held in 2012 in New Delhi, but were postponed due to I.O.A being suspended by the International Olympic Committee on the basis of corruption, government interference, and not following guidelines of the IOC.

This can be an amazing opportunity for the Indian contingent to show their level after hosting a controversial but rather well managed Common Wealth Games in 2010. It is an opportunity for Indian players and athletes to make a strong statement in the games and show their preparations for the upcoming and much awaited Rio Olympics in 2016.

The games have not been in limelight due to India, but our neighbours have also been in the news. Yes, it’s Pakistan. After the review of IOC, Pakistani players were granted entry to India for the games through two entry points, Guwahati and Kolkata.


India is being considered to be favourites to top the medals tally and with the addition of new proposed addition in the games, we shall be hoping to discover some new talent.

Some of the veterans from the previous games have opted out of participating in the games and some have announced their retirement from the International tournaments. Hence, the responsibilities rest on the young brigade of Indian player’s like Deepika Kumari.

All eyes are set to monitor performances by our players and see if there is some scope to improve our chances to increase our medals tally on the world stage. Many coaches have assured gold medals from their players and now is the time deliver.

Let’s wish our players “Good Luck” and request the I.O.A to hold the games in a manner which adds another feather to our country’s name.

Vishesh Sharma



The Viewspaper