18’ Till I Die

It was one of most disappointing thing to happen, when I knew that the Bryan Adams’ show scheduled for yesterday (15th Feb, 2011) was rescheduled citing security reasons and clearances… Nobody knows when it has been rescheduled to, or whether it will happen in Delhi at all.. While at the same time it is quite disappointing for all Bryan Adams fans, somehow, it was an opportunity for me to remember the last time when he was here.  It was 2004, and the show was scheduled for 7th of Feb, eve of my Birthday.  Here is my look back on that day.

One of the greatest days of my life.  I am gonna cherish this moment for ever.  It was pure fun.  On the eve of my birthday, I really took myself up the clouds, to wild celebration, and that too, within the pure ambit of morality.

It’s today, Bryan is here…singing live and here in delhi.

…and I am there too…On midnight on the 7th feb…well, walking past on to the 8th day, which incidentally was my birthday.  And giving me company my friend Pradeep and his danseuse wife Priyanka!

My Birthday, with none other than Bryan Adams singing for me in the warm-up area of the JNL Stadia (there was a faux pas with the organizers with the event first being scheduled for Mittal Gardens in MG Road, and later on being shifted to Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium). Well, I could attend this concert only because it was in JLN Stadium. It probably wouldn’t have been possible for me to go to Mittal Gardens anyways with Pradeep and her wife joining me from Mumbai!

I was surprised seeing Priyanka in Jeans.  I was all the more surprised seeing a Professional Kuchipudi Dancer swaying and shouting to pure Rock! It surprised me a lot!

Bryan wore a black tee and a worn out jeans.  I too was wearing a black casual shirt and a grey chino.  There was no supply of drinking water inside the stadia.  V cud see people begging for that one last drop from their neighbors.  Even our stock ran out as v had to share our bottles with our neighbors.

The sound system was not much of a say.  I wud say it was loud and noisy. It was music, only coz Bryan was singing and along with him was a hippy, peppy young vibrant, exuberant Delhicrowd.

He had a song for every moment.  He played cupid.  He said sorry with please forive me…he flirted with the only thing that look good on me is you…and hurt and made delhi cry with ‘cuts like a knife’.  Bryan made us feel young with the ‘summer of 69’ v ver transformed to our teen-years with ’18 till I die’. He announced his presence with his  latest ‘here I am’.  But I thought he missed ‘run to u’ or rather he must’ve sung, it may be like, I missed hearing that song, or Bryan missed singing that one. I am confused!

As the music welted across the chilly delhi breeze, two things seemed clear to me…many more people seem to know the words to Bryan’s songs that I had previously suspected.  Nearly every song was a sing-along as the 20,000 crowd swung and sang with Bryan.  Secondly, it isn’t that I am big Bryan Adams fan.  But over the years, I’ve enjoyed selective music from him…and on this day, I lived a dream, that of celebrating my birthday with Bryan singing for me.  Almost half of debonair Delhi danced and sang and celebrated with me.  What more one could ask for, for one’s Birthday, surely, I should feel 18, till I Die!

Prasanth Menon

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