1958-Till Date: Remembrance And Rivalry, The Hard Way!

United Munich

A slush covered runway in Munich not only is held responsible for the crash of British European Airways Flight 609, it is also held responsible for nearly finishing the entire team of now famous Manchester United F.C. Eight of the 11 players from the first team died in the air tragedy and the rest escaping, but with injuries.

Feb. 6th, 1958 is considered to be the darkest day in the history of Manchester United. This day is now remembered every year by not only M.U.F.C, but maximum clubs around the world.


Remembrance of these legendry players started as a respect in early years, but the rivalry and loud fans of the derby clubs made it a cause of disrespect. Many incidents of the remembrance ceremony being disturbed have been reported in recent past.

Rivalry and the game respect shall always be kept at a fair distance from each other. The disrespect towards one’s emotion and team can be a vital cause of conflict at a large scale, as football being considered as religion in United Kingdom and Europe.

The 2008 derby match with City is considered to be an excellent example of healthy rivalry when the City team walked down the pitch with piper band and managers from both clubs payed their homage. It was followed by a sincere one-minute silence by all the fans.


The deaths of these players will always be remembered as this gives everyone around a faith of how even such major setbacks can make you a strong unit in the future (as United went on to complete the season with no reserves on bench and won European Championship 10 years later).

The Busby Babes were renamed Manchester United officially and as the name suggests, almost everyone in the county supported the team.

The red devils have stepped out of the box and have announced a plan for the remembrance day this year. The club will be honouring the 18 United players who died in armed conflict in the club’s 136-year-old history. They also have plans to set up digital boards with messages and also a band playing “The Last Post” prior to one-minute silence.

Rivalry and remembrance cannot be combined, and legends are remembered.

Vishesh Sharma

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