2012 – in Anticipation

2012, dreaded to be the year when all will come to an end. As the Mayan calendar doesn’t support the existence after 21 Dec 2012, there is lot that is being talked about this apocalyptic event. But whether we see the dawn of 2013 or just mix to ashes by the dusk of 2012, let this debate be untouched and question be answered while we step into 2013 365days after.

For the time being let us see what 2012 has in store for us.  Where will the world be by the time 2012 comes to an end? From gamut of political affairs to centre stage of economic action, from the events that would have social impact to the sporting events that take your breath away, there’s lot lined up for the 7 billion people across the globe.

The Political Drama:While US gears up for the Presidential elections and Democrats and Republics make it a point that they do not loose on their campaign in any possible way, Barack Obama is still predicted to continue a second term in White House. At the periphery, China is all set to have new faces on the top positions of nation as Chinese president, Premier all retire this year. As Asia still continues to be overshadowed by the emerging economies like China and India, Thailand still caught the attention by voicing their desire to return to the state of normality after cycles of mass protests, sit-ins, military coup against Thaksin Shinawatra in 2006; Sawasdee seems to be a promising candidate.

After the once in 1000 years natural disaster that hit Japan on 11 March 2011, it is all set to roll up its sleeves and get better by the end of 2012. Amidst huge protest against corruption, black money in foreign banks, India has high probability of facing an early general election this year. With memo-gate scandal, there is a lot being thought about military taking a strong stand against government of Pakistan. So as such the political canvas of Asia looks quite colourful, the question is what colours fill in at the last.

The Economic Woes: While global economy slows down this year, Asia still is expected to contribute major share to the growth of economy. Amidst the rising fuel and food prices, developing countries will take the lead this year and push the growth. As China’ Yuan is all set to take 3rd position in worlds strongest currencies, Euro seems to get at parity with Dollar. Because of tumultuous changes brought up in political center stage, there is lot of transition expected to come at economic realm of affairs. The Economic martial law is one such thing that changes the scenario world over. And the safe bait to invest – The Gold- might cross $2000 an ounce mark making things tougher.

The Tech World:While you saw Berries and Apples taking a toll on you in 2011, this year, it’s going be hard core tech stuff which might seem esoteric, yet revolutionise the world in drastic way. Senseye, a breakthrough in technology would read your eyes which will then be used to control the functionalities of your mobile. Samsung flexible display is another breakthrough to come. Flash drives is what you call fast, then get your dictionary correct, Memristors is the word that remembers almost all electrical states. The much awaited Wireless power transition is expected to break the records and conventional way of transmitting power. If this works, the world would be at too big a gain. And we have not forgotten the Higgs Boson particle yet-the biggest experiment being conducted in the world. Results awaited!

Building Careers:Shaping your career has never been an easy bullet to bite. And with competition growing stronger, opportunities growing numerous, taste growing peculiar and economies growing volatile, here is what is predicted to be the best career options for 2012. Healthcare, IT, Finance, Education, Media and Communication are the fields which are least anticipated to be affected by economics up and downs. Accountancy, Social work, being a teacher, are few other jobs that would be looked after this year. So what are you looking for?

Be a Sport:While the world eyes upon the Summer Olympics to be held in London in July-August 2012, there are certain other sporting events that will be equally looked up to. The one such is 2012 FIFA Club World Cup to be held in Japan which will get the most adrenaline rush through your spines. Cricket fans are eagerly waiting to spot the 2012 ICC World Twenty20 to be held in Sri Lanka and 2012 Under 19 Cricket Worldcup to be held in Australia. As always tour de France will get most of them on their toes while we watch our favourites to touch the finishing line. So World, just get pepped up for there is something lined one after the other. There’s less time to breathe!

Raging Saga: While everything seems to be scheduled, there is still alot that might go unnoticed. “Social Networking” was the word for 2011, “Online Shopping” might become for 2012. After seeing Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding, now is the time to witness another Royal event commemorating 60 years of Queen’s Elizabeth to the throne of UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, The Expendable are promising movies in Hollywood to come this year. And on the same hand, the ones to shine on silver screen are: Ek Main aur Ekk Tu, Kahaani, Dangerous Ishq, Bol Bachhan, Ek Tha Tiger and many more.

While all sit and watch this happen, there would be people who would have action packed 2012. What are you up to? Are you going to be the audience or the performer? Look in for yourself that how would you like 2012 to end for you.

And the most sought after questions for the time being would be:

Who shines at Summer Olympics?

Who stays in White House after Nov, 2012?

Does Japan recover from the tsunami hit last year?

Will the chaos in Middle East finally find some solace?

Will Pakistan end up in military rule?

Will the ageing population of China finally halts its progress or Chinese govt give them license to increase the births?

Will G8 and G20 summits bring some good to Mother Earth and some relief to developing and emerging economies in context of stringent norms?

And last but not the least will UPA make it to the expectations of public, will they able to regulate inflation, and control Anna Hazare movement, Will the AFSPA get its way set?

And Will I say Good Morning to you on January 1, 2013?

After all, hope is the basis of life!

Karanvir Gupta