24V Battery Charger

A 24V battery charger is used over a wide range of applications. Some of the applications include bikes and mobility scooters, computer backups, marine, heavy equipments, trolling motors, floor scrubbing machines etc. A 24V battery charger can be used to charge different types of batteries which demand a lot of power. The batteries include AGM, Gel Cell, Deep Cycle, and Wet Cell batteries. The technology used in almost all 24V smart battery chargers is microprocessor based. The microprocessors built in them maintain uniformity while charging and thus increases the battery life and its efficiency. A smart 24V battery charger clearly cuts down the charging time by avoiding unsafe overcharging, thereby prolonging the battery life and performance. The demand for eco friendly products has led to the creation of 24V solar battery chargers which works on the principle of trickle charging. In trickle charging, the battery is charged at a self discharge rate thereby keeping the battery fully charged all the time.

A 24V battery charger comes with either a single or a double output source. Most of the batteries which require a 24V charger have two detached outputs which charges all the batteries placed in series. A 24V marine battery charger is created with the dual output option while a 24V aircraft battery charger uses the single output source.

Technology has enabled a 24V battery charger to be lightweight and also work with greater efficiency. The lightweight battery chargers are mainly used for Gel Cell batteries. Comparing the lightweight smart chargers to the standard 24V battery chargers, we find that the light weight chargers are much more efficient, give a better performance, user friendly and also cheaper at the same time.

Some of the companies manufacturing 24V battery chargers are: Prosport, PowerStream, Victron, VXI etc.

It is important to buy high quality 24V battery chargers as the batteries to be charged demand heavy output which requires high standard battery chargers.