25-25 Test Match of The Day

Initially when cricket was started, it was with test cricket that would run for so many days, but as the time changed, the game also did. Simple test cricket of 5 days came into existence. According to some cricket orthodox, 5 day format was, is and will be the best format as it brings out the best talent to the ground and every young cricketer dreams of playing test cricket for his national team.

But, one washed ashes match in 1970, resulted the idea of one day matches, which revolutionized the cricket. One day cricket too was applauded by everybody from the fraternity. There’s lot of difference between these two forms of the games, but still they ran very well parallel to each other. Nine successful world cups each better than the previous one, so far, is a witness to it. One also used to be of 60 over till 1982, and then followed the 50 over ODIs, which too ran successfully with years.

But during summers in England 2003 something boomed up very quickly and everything changed and became so fast whether bowling, batting or fielding and it has divided the cricketing world hugely. It was the year when T20 was introduced and in 2005 first international T20 match was played between England and New Zealand.

Not to mention it came as a huge success in India also with the Indian Premiere league. It consumes lesser time, more than this, it is a combination of game and entertainment. In fact, it seems that with this format of the game cricket would be able to spread its roots in countries where cricket is not much popular. T20 will also be seen in the next Olympics. United States of America, where Rugby is a religion, also applauded this short format of cricket.