Come Join Us

That morning when the earth clicked into motion

Magic dust escaped from the protons and neutrons of matter

Falling over, everyone with a writing instrument in hand

Became a poet, and Lord, how things changed…

For them everything around was tinged with mushroom irony

They camped outside libraries and had love affairs between book covers

They swung off trees, sprouting couplets, limericks, parodies and sonnets

In camouflage jackets they danced – the twist, the royal waltz, the fox trot

They found poetry everywhere – rolled up in socks, locked in mothball trunks

In the shade of trees, stitched in seams of quilts, in the clock tower gongs

Dug deep under flower beds and in each other, writing it all in tattered notebooks

They lived as it was intended, taking alternately the centre and back stage

They traced the passage of a fruit – from its mountain tree home

Plucked by hardy hands, bumpy ride in an open truck, to a vendors cart

Sold with his throaty voice, the kitchen for a final wash and to its resting place

Your magnificent fruit bowl worthy of an impressionist painting

All they really needed was a swimsuit and a stout pair of boots

The suit for the swim – to hear the stories the fish had to tell

The boots for the climb up the cliff to jump, must be careful though

On the trek through the jungle, Masterpieces emerge from nowhere

When they left like leaves fleeing winter, the battles that raged within

Would be hidden forever, in clues and bylines of words left behind

Such a time comes once in every millennia and I –

As you have no doubt guessed, an extending an invitation

You have been watched and found to be invaluable, so do join us

You are required to bring little else other than your good cheer,

Maybe a handful of fun, a few sacks of chocolate will be well received

Also, a good looking boy accompanying you will not be turned away.

Inayat Sabhikhi