3 1 Car Seat

As a parent your child’s safety and comfort is of paramount importance to you. Especially in the formative years when curiosity tends to take the better of toddlers, you want to ensure that they are safe and sound. As the years pass, children tend to outgrow everything, from shoes, clothes, toys and even their baby seats. It can be a little difficult to cope up with these expenses.

In order to ensure that your child enjoys a safe childhood and you don’t spend all the money you’ve been saving up for his education on his toys and clothes, you need alternatives that can stand the test of time. The 3 1 car seat is a fine example of how you can ensure your child stays protected and you don’t drill a hole in your pocket.

In the early years you probably require a rear facing car seat. As your child grows you will need to replace the old seat with one that fits his new size and is now forward facing. Car seats can be expensive and if you have to change your car seat every time your baby puts on a couple of pounds you are indeed heading for some financial trouble. You should consider a 3 1 car seat for the growing years of your child.

Today there are a number of 3 1 car seats available in the market that can be adjusted according to your changing needs. The law insists that children should be properly restrained in a moving vehicle. The 3 1 car seat comes with equipped with a safety harness that can be converted to a booster seat, ensuring your child remains protected as he evolves from one shoe size to another.

The 3 1 car seat also provides excellent storage facilities. The 3 1 car seat comes with cup holders and sleek storage compartments on the side for napkins, diapers and toys. The 3 1 car seat maybe relatively more expensive, but you must note that you are saving more money in the long run by making a slightly higher investment in a seat that is not going to need replacement in the growing years.