3 Step Ladders

3 step ladders ensures high stability, usability and safety when used for different purposes. 3 step ladders are strong due to a various features and materials which they are made with. The load intake of these ladders can vary from 50 kg to 150 kg. The platform of every step is usually wide and slip resistant which ensures complete balance and stability of the ladder. The wide slip resistant step makes it safe for a person to climb on these ladders without any fear of slipping. The plastic feet of these ladders are covered with rubber and other frictional materials so that the legs do not slip. Most of the 3 step ladders come with a safety rail which also adds to the safety of the person. The opening and closing of these ladders are smooth and easy and folds flat to avoid any kinds of problems in storing the ladder. The 3 step ladders are either made of fiberglass or anodized aluminum products which adds another cap to the safety feature and usability feature of these ladders. Even the safety rails are made of fiberglass or aluminum and come integrated with a bucket hook.

It is important for the 3 step ladders to be strong and should be bought from reliable brands or sources. To ensure complete safety of you while climbing on one of these ladders, wear slip resistant shoes and make sure that the space between the legs do not have any form of obstruction between them. Avoid using the 3 step ladders in cases of strong winds or other related conditions which might cause the ladder to fall out of composure.

Various renowned companies which are into producing reliable 3 step ladders are Cramer 3 step ladder, Polder 3 step ladder, Rubbermaid 3 step ladder etc.