3M Air Cleaner

3m air cleaner is a high quality air purifier which very efficiently gets rid of the unwanted and harmful air particles in the house. Considering the health risks the air pollutants can lead to, 3m air cleaner takes up the responsibility of eliminating the pollutants and leads to a cleaner and healthier environment inside the house. A 3m air cleaner can be installed both in the ductworks of various AC’s, ventilators and heaters and at the same time can also be installed as separate units. The 3m air cleaner come in two variants, the mechanical air filters and the electronic air filters. The mechanical 3m air cleaner attracts the pollutants and filters the air by passing the pollutants through a filter which traps the particles in them. Therefore, the filters require regular cleaning and maintenance. The electronic 3m air cleaner on the other hand use electrostatic precipitators which traps the pollutants and other harmful articles by a process called electrostatic attraction where the particles gets attracted to the device and gets eliminated at the same time.  The are various 3m air cleaner products which are made suitable for different types of rooms and areas.

The various 3m air cleaner products include –

Ultra Quiet Air Purifier:

This 3m air cleaner captures different airborne particles such as pollen, dust mite, etc. At the same time, it can also capture and eliminate the micro particles such as smoke, bacteria, pet dander etc. This 3m air cleaner is extremely quiet and does not take up too much of space. Hence this is the most ideal 3m air cleaner for rooms and personal houses. This air purifier comes with a filter change timer which automatically notifies the need for a new filter. This 3m air cleaner comes with a 3 speed fan which can efficiently clean up the house in no time.

The 3m office air cleaner, 3m cabin air filters and a 3m air conditioner cleaner are a few of their other products which are suitable for different environments and surroundings.