4 Things For This Weekend To Have A Fresh Start For The Week Ahead

#WeekendUnwindIt’s the weekend, and the relief of not having the morning rush. Leaving the madness of the weekdays aside, it’s the time to take a breath and enjoy yourself a bit. While a lot can be said for the nightlife and the best pubs to hit while in town, here are some ideas to treat yourself with a relaxing weekend.

Pamper yourself

For many of us, it is our one day off. So go ahead, pamper yourself. Oil your hair  and soak your feet, maybe take that trip to the barber you’ve been thinking of during the week. Soak in some sun and you can even try walking with bare feet in the grass in the early evening.

Yummy in my tummy

Somehow, with a day to yourself doesn’t seem complete without a satisfying culinary experience. Give in to that tempting pasta that you’ve been thinking about during the long office meetings; or indulge in a scrumptious burger and give your taste buds a treat. While the week may not have left you enough time to do justice to your meals, one can catch up pretty easy on the weekend.

A long drive

Crank up some good old school rock and go for a nice long drive. While we spend most of our time on the road in jams in the city, one could head out and try out some of the back highways for hidden dhabas and empty idyllic stretches to enjoy.

Something pointless

The point of the weekend is to break your routine and recharge your batteries for the work week ahead. So go out and do something pointless, it could be star gazing, a hobby class or feeding stray dogs nearby, whatever makes you happy. Given time, what started off as a weekend fun could very well go on to be a regular feature of your schedule.

Ranveer Raj Bhatnagar

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