Kiran Mai Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Respected sir,

A lot has been said about the issue of female foeticide but there seems to be no change in the condition at all. It’s a shame really, to see so many girls die before they can even take one full breath. Humanity of course, doesn’t seem to play a role in here, because these killers are clearly incapable of sympathy or guilt.

For a healthy society, it is important that the male-female sex ratio is maintained at almost the same level. Due to reckless girl-child abortions, the male-female child sex ratio is declining at an alarming rate in some sections of our society. It’s a menace that needs to be eradicated right away. Just pointing at the problem doesn’t help. It’s not only a matter related to misuse of medical techniques but also an issue of the mindset of people who let such heinous activities take place.

Removing female foeticide doesn’t mean stopping abortions. A woman who has been raped and doesn’t wish to carry her forced pregnancy to full term must be allowed to do as they wish. But aborting a pregnancy only because it’s a girl is unbelievable insane. They give reasons like dowry, nobody to carry the family name forward etc. only if they could peep out of their tiny mindsets they would see how many women have made it to the top today standing shoulder and shoulder with men.

After numerous efforts by NGOs and other authorities female foeticide remains unchanged because the change needs to begin at the grass root level. Awareness is required among the masses and the authorities concerned need to be strictly evaluated.

This needs to be stopped immediately. Female foeticide is truly a matter of shame for all the couples who practice it and even more for the doctors who perform such surgical abortions (or rather murder the unborn girl child) for earning some quick money! Let us not forget that our mother is a female, our sister is a female, and our wife is also a female.

Then why not have a female as our daughter?

Kiran Mai

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.