Angoisse (n) Anguish, Distress. A film on Child Sexual Abuse.

Direction and Screenplay: Shayoni Sarkar

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Shayoni : ‘When I first started out on the concept of the film, I realised that I am handling a very sensitive topic. Child Sexual Abuse is visibly kept under wraps and to make a film on the issue was similar to playing with fire. It did not help matters when I decided that I wanted to make the protagonist a male child actor. With an issue like CSA, which has virtually little or no awareness, trying to make a film on it was a resolute battle on my front.

However, certain education has been rendered on this subject and amongst them, film-making has definitely played a vital role. Films on CSA have usually been documentaries depicting the aftermath, the recuperation, the pain and agony, and the forgiveness that the victims of CSA encounter.

My idea was different. I decided to make a short fiction film on the subject instead of regular documentaries. Having worked on the issue of CSA before, I realised that I wanted to make a film portraying the fear that a child encounters when he or she knows that they are going to be raped, i.e. with repeated encounters of sexual abuse.

My second difficulty arose when I made the decision to make the film sans dialogue. Being without dialogues meant that I had to pay extra attention to sound. I was keen to record as much location sound as possible. This actually turned out great as I had a very dedicated sound recordist and we ended up using only location sound at the edit table.

We have played with film format, sound, visual imagery, and at certain moments denied the viewer auditory or visual experiences. We have tried to experiment as much as it was possible within the confines of our single day shoot. No matter how the film is received, we will always keep alive the memorable times that the L’angoisse team shared. With last minute glitches like a power failure and unexplainable ambience sound, we have made it through and our endeavors have paid off.

To wind up, I would like to thank a few people. Abhishek, thanks for being there! To my fabulous production and post-production team, thank you sincerely for being so supportive and believing in the film so deeply. A special vote of thanks to my dedicated DOP, Shakti and my excellent sound recordist, Vikram. I doubt the film would be what it is without the constant support of you both. And to Bijessh da, my editor, what can I say but thank you so much for accommodating our last-minute demands!!! A special mention of my actors, Akshat and Vikram, who I think have done a commendable job. And to all those people who encouraged this endeavor, believed in its potential, and continue to show their support for L’angoisse, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I sincerely hope all who view the film, enjoy it and experience the same passion that guided us through.’