5 Most Powerful Countries in 2011

  1. The USA, is undoubtedly, the world’s leading super power still!
  2. China is at number 2 in this list! It is rapidly emerging as the next global super power. It now boasts of the world’s largest manufacturing sector. It is arguably the biggest economy in terms of GDP!
  3. Russia can be easily titled as the 3rd super power after being thrown out of the ‘Big Two’ league with the USA! The Russians are self sufficient as far as the minerals and resources are concerned, thus making them exceptionally capable in the arena of technological development and sustenance!
  4. France, which is 4th in the list, is very similar to USA in terms of power and politics. Its economy is robust, productive and versatile! France is expected to become the most powerful Country in Western Europe in the coming decade!
  5. Although Germany is considered to be the 5th most powerful Country of 2011, the long term prospects of Germany are very dim! The Euro-Zone crisis is bringing down the Country’s economy tremendously! Along with an aging population, this Country needs to re look at its strategy if it wishes to figure in this list in the future!