5 Things Winners Do. Make Sure You’re On Team Winning!


We live in a capitalistic society where everyone wants to be successful. But the harsh truth is that not everyone makes it. Many a times, it’s mostly because people have a skewed view of what success is in the first place. Successful people don’t chase money, they chase ideas.  I made the jump from university to the real world 18 months ago. During this time, I had the privilege of interacting with police commissioners, entrepreneurs, and musicians, to name a few.  While they unquestionably had diverse personalities, I noticed that each one of them had these common traits that made sure they’re winning in life:

  • Focus- A lot of times, we try to juggle multiple responsibilities in the hope of making  quick money. But incredibly successful people focus on just one or two tasks at hand. They make sure they execute these tasks to utmost perfection.  While you might be the jack of all trades, being a master in a couple of them will put you a cut above the rest.
  • Team players- Winners are team players. They are at ease working with different personalities in a room. After all we are not clones of each other. Everyone’s bound to be unique in the way they carry out their work. But successful people go out of the way to make everyone comfortable in their team.  Success tastes sweet only when you achieve it with a team.
  • Learn- Exceptionally successful people are always open to discovering new and better ways of doing things. They might be at the upper echelons of society but they never look down upon other individuals. If they feel a certain task can be done better, they don’t hesitate to take the advice of their peers and juniors.  Like a curious student, they are always willing to learn.
  • Gratitude- Being grateful increases your happiness and reduces your stress levels.  One needs  a lot of support to achieve success. Any person who believes it’s a one man/woman show is wrong.  Winners express gratitude and compliment the people that have helped them attain success on a regular basis. This also creates a positive vibe at the workplace.
  • They inspire- A person might be extremely wealthy but it doesn’t necessarily make them a source of inspiration. Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently. They create an aura through their work that makes people sit up and take notice.  Yes, money is obviously a motivator, but winners more importantly look at the number of lives that they are positively impacting.

So make sure you put these 5 things into practice. Have a winning 2015!

Somesh Chandran

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