5 Things You Need to Know About the New MacBook


At the launch of the Apple Watch, the Apple team took to the podium and divulged the most recent development in its MacBook line-up. Their latest innovation is thinner and lighter than any MacBook ever. It has been named New MacBook, and yes, it comes in gold. Weighing just two pounds, the New MacBook is, undoubtedly, the lightest Mac ever made. The 12-inch laptop is 13.1mm thin, which makes it approximately 24% thinner than the last release by Apple, MacBook Air. Coming with a Retina display, the new device is set to be for sale from April 10 onwards through the Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Store and Apple Authorized Resellers.

Here are the 5 things that you need to know about the New MacBook:

  1. No MagSafe: The MagSafe and the MagSafe 2 has been replaced with the USB-C port, which has multiple functions. In order to transfer data and output video you have use the one and only USB-C port. The magnetic “trip-proof” feature of the MagSafe has been known for coming to the rescue of numerous MacBooks, preventing them from dropping to the ground.
  2. FaceTime camera compromised: Although all the Mac products are packed with a 720p resolution FaceTime HD camera yet the New MacBook will be shipped with a meager 480p resolution FaceTime camera. So, all your Skype or FaceTime calls will be in standard-definition instead the regular HD. Quite a bit of a bummer, right?
  3. An additional adapter required: Slimmest of all notebooks, yes, but you would probably need to buy an adapter if you want to connect a hard drive or flash drive or DVD drive with a full-sized USB, output video to an external display and charge your “golden notebook” SIMULTANEOUSLY.
  4. Apple logo glow sign: Who didn’t love the Apple logo glow sign on the lid of the MacBooks? Well, if you are planning to get the New MacBook, you are going to sorely miss that backlit logo because the newest member to the Mac family ditches the glowing logo for a metallic one.
  5. Louder Stereo Speakers: While the speakers on the MacBook Air lay hidden in the vents closer to the hinge, the speakers on the New Macbook are set right above the keyboard. These speakers will produce slightly better sounds and you will definitely be able to listen to your favorite audio clips LOUDER.

Set to be priced at $1,299, the newest notebook is not only the slimmest that there is but is also tad bit compromised in terms of the USB ports, camera resolution, and etcetera.

Sangeeta Purkayastha

Image Source: The Viewspaper