5 Ways to look Busy and act Important

1. The Notebook

The trick is to always carry a notebook. Stop to take down notes furiously in every meeting and stop in mid-conversation to refer to the notebook before continuing with whatever you have to say. Just make sure the notebook is not empty, fill it up with some notes at least.

2. A walk to remember

The way you walk at your workplace is very important. A person who is casually strolling along is someone who is perceived as having too much time on his/her hands.
Hence, you must always walk as if you are in a hurry to get somewhere important as if you not getting there in time will cause a lot of people despair, since all of them are just waiting for you to begin whatever it is they are planning to do.

Walk in a hurry when you enter a meeting room, walk out of a meeting in a hurry, walk to lunch in a hurry. You get it? Just walk hurriedly every time.
But make sure to walk at the right speed. Walking too fast may lead to people misunderstand that you need to visit the restroom, so get the speed right.

3. Chance meeting

Look for a room where a meeting is in progress. Peep in and mention to the people in the room that you need to have the room in sometime for an important client meeting. This will show people that not only do you have important meetings but you also take the pains to prepare for them despite your busy work schedule. Here is how a dialogue may go –

You: Hey guys, I have an important meeting here in the next 34 minutes, just make sure that you finish your meeting on time and clean up after you.
Person in meeting room: What!? I have this room booked for the whole day!
You: *Look at your notebook* hmmm that’s strange. I am positive that I booked this room. Stupid Lotus/Notes/Gmail/any meeting room blocking application must have played its usual tricks again. Anyway it was an important client meeting, but you guys carry on.

4. Frequently asked questions about time travel

Always ask questions. This works especially well in a boring meeting that is dragging on and on where most people have dozed off. If you ask a question, then people will be impressed and immediately make the assumption that you have been listening all along. Make sure the question sounds intelligent.
Questions that sound intelligent start with –
“Have you thought about…”, “Why don’t we look at it this way….”, “Have we given a thought to the scalability of the solution” etc.

When you receive a response, respond back with.
“Hmmm I kind of see your point, but I am not sure that I completely agree, lets take this discussion out of this meeting, as I have some ideas to run by you”
Don’t worry this “discussion” will never happen, but people will think that you are teeming with ideas and have an opinion of your own that contradicts everything that was said in the 3 hour meeting!

5. Message in a bottle

All your messaging to people must be around the fact that you have a busy life. “Dude loads of work today”, “It’s a hectic day!” etc.
Go that one step further. If you use a chat messenger at work example: Yahoo or Gmail, then make sure that the status is always maintained as busy.
Please don’t keep updating Facebook status or respond to comments on Facebook immediately either. When you do, do so at night and then always respond with “Sorry been busy at work so did not see your comment” etc.

That’s all folks, 5 easy methods, that co-incidentally sound like movie names. Go try them out!

Note: The writer of this article has not used any of the techniques mentioned above as he has been too busy recently to try any new techniques. Please provide feedback if these work for you.

Apoorv Gawde

The Bruce Wayne side of him works as a consultant dabbling in Business Analysis and the Batman side of him fanatically loves to travel, watch movies and read.

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